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Yuma military bases targeted by ISIS supporters

Abdul Kareem
Mugshot of Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem (Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

Military bases in Yuma were targeted by ISIS supporters where a Marine Corps Air Station is located.

The ISIS supporters identified were also the same men involved in the Mohammed Art Show shootout in Garland Texas according to KYMA.

An indictment details Arizona man Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem, 44, worked with suspects Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi who were killed in the Garland shootout back in May, to plan several attacks.

The indictment went onto state that Simpson and Soofi drove to Yuma to visit various military bases in Arizona to plan out attacks. Additionally, Kareem is accused of accessing ISIS documents of service member names and addresses.

KYMA reached out to officials at the Yuma Proving Ground:

“We have increased security over the past several months and have increased patrolling. We’ve got enhanced security at the gates where they are inspecting more vehicles, where they are being more cognoscente of what’s inside the vehicles,” Y.P.G. Spokesman Chuck Wullenjohn said.

He continued, “We’re adapting our security depending on the threat that we see out there.”

Prosecutors also allege Kareem had his sights set up blowing up a mall and University of Phoenix Stadium in Phoenix as well.

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