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You’ve Been Boo’ed: A Visit from the Phantom Ghost


Fall brings some of my favorite things: harvest parties, pumpkin carving, festive warm drinks, college football, admiring the beautiful colors outdoors and celebrating the season with my military girlfriends.

Many of you may have just moved to a new base and haven’t had a chance to get to know your neighbors yet. I remember I was once that girl, feeling a bit sorry for myself that I had left my close-knit community behind and needed to put in a little effort to make some new friends. A few days later, the door rang. It was dark outside and was thinking it was a bit odd for someone to visit and hesitantly opened the door. I found a Halloween package on my empty porch with a note saying that I had been visited by the Phantom Ghost! My kids were thrilled and excited that this ghost had brought them candy and coloring books. I was so surprised by it and smiled inside and out. It was such a lovely gesture and brought so much joy with it. I couldn’t wait to participate in the neighborhood activity and have a bit of fun with it.

I looked for porches that didn’t have the Phantom Ghost posted on their front door and left a few packages, running away as fast as I could after I rang the doorbell. Whew! I was in the clear. After a week or so, many of the neighbors had been visited by the Ghost and it provided a really easy icebreaker when walking to the mailbox, park, or around the block.

What’s even better is that there is an office version of the Phantom Ghost as well. So those of you who may not be surrounded by a close knit community can take this with you to your work and have some fun with it too.

Looking for some ideas to put in your basket? If there are families with kids, take a trip to the dollar store and think about stickers, coloring books, and fall items. A trip to Michaels Craft Store can be fun too because they have really inexpensive craft kits and activities. Of course, store bought and homemade treats are always great too! Just have a good time, involve the kids and don’t forget about the newbie who just moved in. It’s a great way to say welcome to the neighborhood!

Neighborhood Version of You’ve Been Boo’ed


Office Version of You’ve Been Boo’ed


Office version you've been boo'ed


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