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Women saved by US Marine at Route 91 concert looking to thank her hero

Marine saves people at Route 61 concert
(right) Megan Tubbs and friends at Route 91 concert. (left) Pictured with a Marine (cowboy hat) who saved her and her friends. Photo: Cassidy Williams

A young woman and her father are looking for the US Marine who saved her life at the ill-fated country music festival in Las Vegas last Sunday.

Megan Tubbs was attending the outdoor festival with three friends when she decided she wanted to dance with a young man who said he was serving in the US Marines.

When shots rang out into the desert night, Tubbs thought she heard fireworks. Thankfully, her dance partner knew exactly what was going on and grabbed her, pulling her out of the crowd as people were cut down by gunfire.

Suddenly, the Marine stopped. Instructing her to flee as quickly as she could, he turned around and went back into the chaos to assist others.

Two of Tubb’s three friends were hit during the incident, but Tubbs was unharmed- thanks to a US Marine.

“I would do anything to get in touch with that Marine,” said Brady Tubbs, Megan’s father.

In the midst of the chaos, one of Tubbs’ friends, Morgan, loaded their wounded comrades into the back of a truck and began literally giving people the shirt off her back to help out.

“She took off her clothes to use as tourniquets,” Tubbs said. “There were so many people helping each other. It was amazing.”

For Tubbs, she owes it all to the mystery Marine.

According to the Sun Advocate, Megan will likely never take another day for granted.

“We are very blessed to be alive.”

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