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Winners announced in the Marine Corps Logistics Innovation Challenge


Congratulations to the 2016 Logistics Innovation Challenge winners. Seventeen winning ideas were picked out of more than 300 submissions.

Winners will have the opportunity to work with sponsoring labs to develop their prototypes and test them at their home units. For more read MARADMIN.

Congratulations to the challenge winners:

  • 3D Models in Support of Tactical Plans (Maj. Casey Bock)
  • Adaptable and Affordable 3D Printed Drones (Sgt. Jon Gillis, Lance Cpl. John Christ, Lance Cpl. Devin Kato, Lance Cpl. Rhet McNeal, Cpl. Andrew Horne, Cpl. Elizabeth McNeal, Cpl. Gregory Paulin)
  • Additive Manufacturing with Recycled Material (Capt. Anthony Molnar)
  • Aircraft Rigid Tube Sampling Kit (Cpl. Habtamu Sharew)
  • The Bangalore Bag (Capt. Kyle McCarley)
  • Distributed Operations Wrist Computer (Maj. Tim Fretwell)
  • Expended (Ammunition) Rounds Counter (2nd Lt. Ben Lacount)
  • Fractal Antenna Fabrication (Capt. Michael Harrison, Capt. Luke Mannion)
  • Glasses for (Medical) Tele-mentoring (Capt. Kathleen Downs)
  • Last Tactical Mile Locate/Issue/Receipt (Maj. Greg Duesterhaus)
  • A Lighter Marine Through Supply (Cpl. Matthew Long)
  • Maintainer Augmented Reality Glasses (Maj. Marc McNeill)
  • Modification of M777A2 Cables (Staff Sgt. Daniel Diep)
  • Multi-Purpose Cable Test Unit (Lance Cpl. Daniel Flores)
  • Ordnance and IED Tool Fabrication (Master Sgt. Gage Coduto)
  • Portable Pump for Containment Berms (Staff Sgt. Matthew Given)
  • Squad Integrated Network of Sensors (1st Lt. Bradley Kuczynski, 1st Lt. Gregory Rives, 1st Lt. Daniel Clynes)

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