Home News Wichita Marine asks for thief to return stolen Marine Corps gear

Wichita Marine asks for thief to return stolen Marine Corps gear


WICHITA, Kan. A Marine is asking for the public’s help after his truck was broken into. The thieves stole issued Marine Corps gear including an assault pack and flack jacket and a few personal items including a TV and guitar.

Austin Cline Marine gear stolen

The Marine, Austin Cline, reached out on social media asking for the thief to return the items.

“If you would be kind enough to return it, you can keep the guitar and TV you also stole.” He also publicly posted on his own page, saying, “Who knows who it was, maybe they’ll have a heart.”

“I’m just hoping maybe they’ll see that and maybe they just didn’t realize when they grabbed it, just grabbed everything fast, and they’ll bring that stuff back,” Cline said.

“Just reaching out to the community to try and find someone, hopefully,” he said.

Cline says he checked out issued gear to help train Marines and he’ll be responsible for financially replacing them.

“If I pay the Marine Corps back on payment plans, it’ll be upwards of almost $2000,” he said.

If you have information, please call the Wichita Police.

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