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Vietnam veterans recognized by Marines in Detroit

Marines award Vietnam Veterans
Detroit Vietnam veterans were honored by Marines with Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force (Detroit) as part of Marine Week Detroit, Sept. 8, 2017. Marine Week Detroit is a chance to reconnect with our Marines, sailors, veterans and their families from different generations. Photo by Cpl. Julien Rodarte

Marines thanked Detroit veterans and pinned them with a lapel pin from the Vietnam Veteran’s Commission.

“It felt like I was receiving a thank you for my service, and it’s just a great experience to know that we’re being honored and recognized,” said Westley Thomas, Marine Vietnam veteran. “It brought tears to my eyes, tightness in my chest, and brought me back to those good memories.”

The Marines of Marine Week Detroit all mentioned how truly honored they were to be able to be a part of this event.

“When they first arrived from the war a lot of people didn’t recognize the things they did for our country”, said Staff Sgt. Ana Villanueva, the logistics manager for Marine Week. “Now that we understand it’s imperative for us to recognize them for their service.”

Throughout the course of the week, the Marines will be conducting similar events to help Detroit citizens better understand the mission of the Marine Corps and to promote a greater relationship between Marines and the people of Detroit.

Marines award Vietnam Veterans2
Photo and story by Cpl. Julien Rodarte

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