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USMC flag cut and pieces discarded in neighborhood


Marine Corps veteran Ellen DePatie is proud of her service and flies a USMC flag in front of her home in Summerville, South Carolina.

Wednesday morning, she walked out of her home to discover that her flag had been cut and the pieces discarded on the ground. “I noticed it had been cut with a knife because of all the jagged edges,” said DePatie, “It hurt me to the core”, as reported by WCBC.

The Marine Corps veteran filed a report with the Summerville Police Department and has requested another flag from a veteran’s group she belongs to.

“DePatie says the incident is an offense against generations of Marines including her father”, as reported by the news article.

The Marine said, “I hope that it was a prank and they don’t understand the meaning of that flag,” said DePatie, “especially for the military that protects your country and for the people that are serving now and the people served in the past – I just don’t know what kind of person would do that.”

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