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US Marine veteran beat down after confronting two men without masks


The issue of mask-wearing is a divisive one in the United States. Be it the efficiency of the practice or the percieved threat to individual liberty, people aren’t exactly on the same page.

One thing for certain, though, is that it is rarely, if ever, wise for an individual to attempt to enforce mask mandates on their own.

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One Marine veteran in Washington state learned this the hard way after he was attacked by two men who didn’t take kindly to his personal mission to enforce mask rules.

Daniel Troublefield found himself in trouble after he approached two men over their lack of masks at the Ocean Shores IGA.

“To my regret I walked up to the car. I was trying to explain it is science and you should be wearing a mask because you’re endangering me and everyone else in the store by not having a mask on,” Troublefield said. “The gentleman tapped on my chest. And I flipped up his hat, and that’s when they both got out of the car.”

Troublefield, who claims he never so much as laid a hand on the men, became the subject of a vicious attack.

“I curled up in the fetal position and I was just ready to die,” Troublefield said.

According to KIRO, the attack lasted twenty seconds.

I’d like to see the two gentleman locked up in jail. I’d like for them to pay for what they did,” Troublefield said. “I don’t think any human being deserves to be treated like I was treated.”

Ocean Shores police said they are investigating the incident. They are unsure if it was an assault or self-defense.

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