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US Marine Reservist punished for sending photo of swastika formed with boots


The US Marine Reservist who sent a photo of Marines forming a swastika with their boots to the Jewish author of Terminal Lance has been busted to Private, months after he sent the offensive picture.

Anthony Schroader, once a Private First Class, has been demoted to Private following an investigation surrounding the sending of the swastika photo to Terminal Lance creator Maximilian Uriarte.

“For real, I’m like one of 8 Jews that have ever been in the Marine Corps and you’re gonna send ME a swastika during Passover?” Uruarte tweeted in April.

Since then, Schroader has been formally disciplined by the Corps.

“Appropriate administrative action was taken by Schroader’s command 9 August,” MARFORRES spokesman Major Roger Hollenbeck told Task & Purpose in a statement. “Because these are internal administrative actions, I am unable to disclose the details.”

While Pvt. Schroader may lack good judgment for his actions, he is certainly no snitch- the other Marines in the photo -who helped construct the swastika- have evaded punishment due to the fact that they could not be identified.

While other Marines have been separated for acts of extremism, such as Charlottesville attendee Vasillios Pistolis and “blackface” Marine Mason Mead, Schroeder remains in the USMC.

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