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Trump donating 1 million to children of fallen Marines and LEOs

Donald Trump AP Photo
Photo by: Elizabeth Frantz (AP)

Growing tired of reporters questioning how much money he’s donated to veterans’ groups, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has released a short video outlining his donations.

According to WTVR, Trump posted a short video on Instagram Tuesday, saying that he has given substantial contributions to veteran causes.

“I raised almost $6 million, including putting up $1 million of my own money,” he said. I had no obligation to do anything or to do so. And I get nothing but bad press from the dishonest media. It is absolutely disgraceful. Why don’t they look at the Clinton Foundation?”

Trump is allocating his $1 million to the Marine Corps Law-Enforcement Foundation, which provides scholarships to children of fallen Marines and Federal Law Enforcement Officers.

However, the Trump camp hasn’t released a full rundown on how much money he raised at the veterans fundraiser he held in January. Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said Tuesday morning that there will be a full distribution by Memorial Day.

While Trump has a record of donating to veterans groups over the years, there has often been discrepancies between how much Trump says he gives versus how much is actually donated.

While doing an interview on Larry King Live in 2006, Trump claimed that his expeditionary venture -known as Trump Vodka- was “giving the money to charity.”  When the business was struggling in 2008, Trump Vodka sent multiple press releases stating it would donate sales proceeds to the Walter Reed Society, which supports programs at  Walter Reed Hospital.

However, the  charity’s administrator claims donations only amounted to about “a few hundred dollars” and that they  ”were expecting more because the name ‘Trump’ was attached to it- but it wasn’t much.” Trump Vodka creator and former Walter Reed patient J. Patrick Kenny said he remembered things differently, although he could not recall the exact donated amount.

“It was a goodwill gesture on our part,” Kenny said.

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