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Trump and Clinton VP picks have same connection to US Marine Corps

(Left: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence | Right: Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine)
(Left: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence | Right: Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine)

While there are no military vets on any major party tickets this election season, there are candidates whose children are serving in the US armed forces.

Virginia Senator and recently-announced Hillary Clinton running mate, Tim Kaine, has three children.  His eldest, Nathaniel, graduated from George Washington University ROTC. The 24-year-old active-duty Marine is a First Lieutenant based out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, according to WTKR.

His father, now running on the ticket with Clinton, said in an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe: “When I hear Donald Trump say the American military is a disaster, I want to go through the screen and shake the guy….we ought to have a commander in chief who talks about our troops with respect and gratitude.”

This weekend while campaigning in Miami with Mrs. Clinton, Kaine said his son was helping “to uphold America’s commitment to our NATO ally,” an apparent criticism of Donald Trump– who’s expressed a desire to diminish America’s commitment to the longtime European alliance, if he became commander in chief.

During last week’s  Republican National Convention, the country was introduced to Trump’s  vice presidential pick, as well as his family. Indiana Governor Mike Pence noted that his son, 23-year-old Michael Pence Jr., was in the audience and that he proudly serves in the US Marine Corps. He is the candidate’s only son. Pence and his wife, Karen, also have two daughters.

Last year, Pence graduated from basic training and was commissioned as second lieutenant. Lt. Michael Pence is currently training to be a pilot at Whiting Naval Air Station Field in Florida, according to a statement from the US Marine Corps.

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