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Troops fighting in Helmand appeal for supplies


Taliban commander killed in drone strikeAs battles rage between security forces and Taliban fighters in Helmand, reports indicate that government are faced with a serious shortage of equipment.

According to TOLOnews’ Wali Arian and Abdullah Hamim who reported from the first line of the battle, commando have retaken parts of Nad Ali district that were under the Taliban’s control but the have not been able to maintain the cleared areas due to a lack of equipment and other supplies.

officials said air attacks have been effective in suppressing the Taliban in Helmand but if the problems are not addressed the will lose many parts to the insurgents.

“Taliban is now far from Chah Anjir area. They are far from here,” said Karam Khan, a commando.

Arian meanwhile said the commando were trying to prevent Taliban from getting closer to Lashkargah, the capital city of Helmand.

“We took to this area last night. They need equipment, they need food, they need everything, but their way is closed. If they [ ] are left there, who will give them food, who will give them equipment?” said Bashir, another commando.

Meanwhile, a number of Afghan National (ANA) complained about the lack of facilities and equipment in their war against terrorists.

“This is not our fault; this is government’s fault and weakness. This is my weapon which stops during our operations. We do not get bullets, rockets, grenades and other equipment. We are concerned about this,” said asoldier in Nad Ali district.

“Government cannot supply weapons, food and other equipment for us. We move forward with the help of the commando , but then we are informed that we will not be supplied with food and weapons, therefore how will we be able to keep and maintain the cleared areas,” said another .

According to TOLOnews reporter, Taliban has placed mines around the areas that are under their control and they are using civilian houses and gardens as shields in war against the Afghan . This has prolonged the war, Arian said.

He also said that the war has intensified in relatively secure areas in Helmand – including Nawa district.

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