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Tricare Pharmacy Home Delivery Fee Increases


Consolidated Mail Order Program is set to discontinue on May 31, 2014

A signed letter released by the Department of the Navy releases new details about the upcoming changes in Tricare Pharmacy Fees by the recent National Defense Authorization Act. While this letter is specific to the San Diego area, this change is being pushed nationwide.

23 December 2014

Dear Naval Medical Center San Diego TRICARE Beneficiary, This letter is to inform you that the Naval Medical Center San
Diego’s (NMCSD) Consolidated Mail Order Pharmacy Program (CMOP) will be discontinued on 31 May 2015 in accordance with the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. This program will be replaced by the TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery program, which will be the only mail order program available after June 1st and requires co-pays for some prescriptions.

Active Duty personnel can take advantage of the new program for free and will NOT incur any costs. Formulary generic prescriptions for non-Active Duty beneficiaries are free as well. However, formulary brand and non-formulary medications will require a co-pay. I encourage you to take time to read the attached TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery Fact Sheet containing details about the program.

Information is also available at the TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery Program website (www.express-cripts.com/TRICARE).
NMCSD is committed to providing you with several options from which to choose. We have opened an additional refill pick-up location at the Naval Base San Diego Navy Exchange. Filling and refilling prescriptions in all of our Pharmacies is free, and there are 11 convenient locations across San Diego County. Enclosed you will find a complete list and map of pharmacy locations.

We are committed to answering your questions as you consider the different options available in meeting your prescription needs. Whether you are active duty, a reservist, a veteran or a family member, it is our honor to provide you with safe, high quality patient-centered care. Please do not hesitate to call us for assistance Monday through Friday, 8 a.m . to 4 p.m.

TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery

Tricare Pharmacy Home Delivery Changes Cancellation

To view a full copy of the letter, click to read the official letter released from the Navy. 

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