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TRAP: Never Leave a Marine Behind

TRAP: Never Leave a Marine Behind
Seaman Michael J. Stark applies a tourniquet to Sgt. Stephanie M. Hauer-Velez during the scenario-based training of the tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel at Cobra Gold 16.(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Jessica N. Etheridge/Released)

A TRAP, or tactical recovery of aircraft personnel, mission is when a team of service members assigned to be a reaction force to every flight, flies in to tactically remove isolated personnel and bring them back to safety.

“The scenario we took part in today, started with an F-18…down,” said GySgt Patrick Ray an explosive ordinance detector with Marine Wing Support Squadron 172, Marine Aircraft Group 36, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, III Marine Expeditionary Force. “While examining the area for survivors, Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 167 found two good parachutes, announcing that they’re believed to be survivors.”

Two UH-1Y Hueys escorted an MV-22B Osprey carrying the trained assault force of nine Marines and one Sailor to recover the isolated Marines.

“While on stand-by in the air, we received a radio call with the go ahead to land and proceed to scout for the survivors,” said Ray.

The TRAP force bounded from the Osprey and began their search in the direction the isolated Marines were last known.

“When we found the casualty we authenticated her identity and began giving her medical attention,” said Ray.

The service members then loaded back into Osprey and waited in the air until the second survivor was authenticated.

“After the second survivor was confirmed, we landed again and brought him back the same way we did the first survivor,” said Ray.

The Corpsman on board the aircraft also demonstrated to the Marines the medical aid to give to the casualties.

“In the unfortunate event that an aircraft goes down, our pilots inside need to be assured that someone is coming for them,” said Ray. “We don’t leave Marines behind.”

Story by Lance Cpl. Jessica Etheridge

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