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To Buy or Not To Buy


Why can’t I do it? It’s not even that much money. I spend more buying miscellaneous things for my kids at Target. I’m talking about a kindle and it costs $139 right now. No, it’s not a necessity; it’s a nice to have. Is that the reason? Or does this go deeper that I don’t want to spend money on myself for things I don’t need. I had no problem shelling out hundreds of dollars for summer camps for my little man, because I know it will provide him some solid fundamentals in sports and it will get him out of the house and away from his sister for a bit, providing me sanctuary from the ever ending, “you two need to get along with each other”.

What if I consider the positives? Yes, it has crossed my mind that I would be taking weight off our PCS, for we all know that books end up taking a significant portion of our allowance and E-books are cheaper than paper book. I used to think that I enjoyed running my hands over the paper and flipping pages back and forth.

Yes, I do love paper. But, would I rather have this nifty lightweight ‘thing’ that can go with me to the airport, or something to do other than playing angry birds in waiting rooms? Surely these are very good reasons for buying one. However, I just can’t click on “buy” and commit.

Have you ever had this experience? What was that “one thing” for you?

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