Third Marine beaten unconscious, says racially motivated hate crime for being white


    Another Marine veteran has been beaten by a group of young African-American men and some are calling it a hate crime.

    Last month two Marines were beaten in Washington D.C. on the same day but in unrelated incidents.  One of the Marines, Christopher Marquez, says he believes the crime was racially motivated because the suspects repeated “Black Lives Matter” during the beating.

    Grant Gray, a Marine Corps veteran who served seven months in Afghanistan last year is the most recent victim of a ‘gang-style’ beating.

    According to ABC6, Gray is currently a student studying sports management at Miami University in Ohio but is interested in transferring to Ohio State.  This past weekend he went to Columbus, Ohio to check out the city and the Ohio State campus.

    On Friday night, Gray went to a local bar with one of his high school friends.  When he walked out of the bar to make a phone call he was reportedly beaten unconscious by a gang of “three black men who kept referring to him as “white.”

    The attackers did not steal anything from Gray so he does not believe that the robbery was the motive.

    “I even had an Apple watch on and they didn’t steal that,” Gray said.

    Gray is scheduled for facial reconstructive surgery next week.

    Police are consulting with prosecutors to determine if the case is a hate crime and have yet to make any arrests.

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    1. “Police are consulting with prosecutors to determine if the case is a hate crime and have yet to make any arrests.” No that can’t be. The assailants were black THUGS i.e. Hussein Obama’s sons and the victim is white. So that is not a hate crime in ObamaNation.

      • This is absolutly horrible….These thugs should be treated exactly like what they are. The black KKK. BUT OUR PRESIDENT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR ATTITUDE. Yours maybe, but not theirs.

    2. Absolutely sick what this kid and the other two Marines have gone through. Fight a merciless enemy overseas and come home to almost lose their lives to scumbag criminals.

    3. these Marines must have grown up in white areas because if they lived in the hood growing up they would be armed or have someone for back up. this is why they want you unarmed so they can control the streets

    4. I’m from Ohio and I’m embarrassed by this. I’m not a marine or was ever in the military but have family and friends who are so I have a great deal of respect for anyone who fights for this country only to come back and get treated like shit by people who tend to forget why who makes it possible for then to live the life as free as they are. They take it for granted and it’s pathetic that you don’t get the support from the very people who tell you to go fight for them. But you go and do it anyways. It’s bullshit what’s happening but there’s little we can do as citizens because there’s such a lack of goverment involvement. Thank you for what you and the other men and women do for this country.

    5. Enough is enough This is a hate crime and if the offenders are not charged with such then we have a MAJOR problem which needs to addressed with DOJ. A crime against a person because of their race is a HATE CRIME . It does NOT only apply to BLACKS. IT applies to all RACES. NO RACE IS EXEMPT

    6. As a ex-Marine I know coming out of a bar after a few drinks my mouth can get a little loose and maybe just maybe this guy may have said some thing that provoked this altercation. We are only hearing one side of what took place. By no means am I saying this was justified but being that we are only hearing one side of the story that allows for the narrative to be crafted in such away that everybody is fired up that this beating was racially motivated when it could be a man saying some things that was deemed disrespectful to another man and an altercation took place. As a Marine I know how to defuse a situation as well as handle the physicality of a situation.

      • Steve Corrillo, this was a hate crime. Grant Grey was not drunk, and only went out side to make a phone call. I’m retired Special Forces, and I’ve gone out side many a bar to make calls, it’s much more quiet. Grant, had peaceful college plans, and these black lives matter thugs had a easy (WHITE) target.

      • Steve ,yeah I was a former Marine as well …What kinda idiot mouths off to 3 thugs without a weapon of some kind ..This was in all likelihood another sucker punch /Knock out BS that these creatons prefer. They are cowards. And I pray these punks get just what’s coming to them .It won’t be pretty ,but it will be Swift .

    7. I agree with Dion Jones. Steve Carillo…as soon as you said “ex” Marine…you carried no validity in anything you said. A true Marine would know he is always a Marine. Never ex.

    8. If any of these Marines would have drawn a legally concealed defensive weapon and discharged it towards/at their attackers, makes you wonder if each and every one of them would probably have been charged with a crime.

    9. I’m in Columbus. I wish they picked me. Last time I was attacked by 3 white guys one of them almost bleed to death on the sidewalk while his buddies ran for their lives. I literally dodged everything and probably looked badass lol I wish someone would have gotten it on video lol

    10. Rule #1 Minorities can never be racist and only they can be victims of a hate crime. Rule #2 If you are not a minority and you think you are the victim of a hate crime, see rule #1,

    11. I am an Air Force brat. Traveling all around the world has exposed me to many cultures and traditions. Imagine my surprise at the age of 13 to return to the US and be hosted by blacks just because I am white/native american. I was relentlessly picked on by a group of black girls form3 years and despite attempts to halt all this by my parents, those girls were never disciplined by the principals! Only once, when one of the girls reached over and slapped me in the face and said “I hate you you cracked”. I honestly did nor said anything to these girls to provoke such behsviour-honest. At first, I tried to befriend them by first saying hello, gave my name. We were taught never to judge someone by outer appearances only by what is in their heart. The so-called black thugs have tunnel vision, going by what they were taught in the home and will never be reformed to believe otherwise. They do not realize we are all God’s children and all lives matter including our four-legged/feathered friends. They do not see that they are responsible for their own actions. What makes this situation an American Terriost act is that attacked a military personnel-government property and these American Terriost should be treated as just that!!! I would have these idiots arrested and out in a cell with violent thugs until these idiots realize everyone is responsible for his/her own actions and not the other way round. If I had my way – firing squad or hanging. A’ho – Cherokee for All My Relations

    12. What about all the other minorities beaten to death and murdered? This is not news to anyone. Worse things happen to vets and people in the forces. Regardless of age and ethnicity, no one deserves this.


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