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The blimp was lost but the internet wins: hilarious memes from the flyaway


Yesterday Aberdeen Proving Ground sent out a press release letting the public know they’d lost their $2.7 million dollar blimp. The blimp has been found, but not before the memes came out. As we know, servicemembers can be the craftiest and funniest of people and the memes created will leave you in stitches.

RELEASE No. 10282015-01 October 28, 2015

APG personnel responding to JLENS tether break

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md.— Personnel are responding to a tether break at the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Netted Sensor System (JLENS) location on the Edgewood side of APG. The aerostat moored at Edgewood broke free at around 11:54 a.m.; approximately 6,700 feet of tether are attached. Emergency personnel are tracking the aerostat which is still aloft in moving toward Pennsylvania.

Anyone who sees the aerostat is advised to contact 911 immediately; people are warned to keep a safe distance from the airship and tether as contact with them may present significant danger.


Deflate gate


Hello is it me you're looking for


authories ask facebook


Bye felicia




Lose a blimp


Nice blimps


Knots book


What happened


Marco Polo blimp






A-10 wannabe




Take it down


I was there






have you seen my blimp


hard for a blimp



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