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Thanks for taking away money from our families, Mabus


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Women in combat jobs. It’s been a hot topic these last few months. The Marine Corps spent an enormous amount of time and energy testing and measuring results to assist with making an informed decision.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t have a dog in the fight. If standards are being met and women can compete, awesome – let them in.

Here’s what I do have a problem with. I’m looking at you Mabus. If you are going to dictate that all jobs will be open to women, then you should have stated that last year.

How much money has been spent on this experiment? How much time and energy? How about all these females who worked their ass off, who believed in this experiment, who now feel you have failed them by throwing them under the bus?

I’m so tired of seeing the budget ax fall on our military families. I’m tired of hearing there isn’t any money to help our military kids, or that community centers need closing, or that programs are being dismantled.

The fact that you have railroaded this whole process and have willingly thrown away millions of dollars is dumbfounding. I’m sorry you don’t like the results; maybe you should have given more input before the experiment was conducted.

Our military families deserve to have a more responsible fiscal leader.

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