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Teen finds creative way to bring Marine-boyfriend to prom


It was Allie Hardie’s dream to go to prom, but she wanted to go in style and class. She takes her boyfriend Marine Jake Balzano everywhere; even to her High School prom with 600 or so students.

Hardie carries a large picture frame of her boyfriend in his dress blues around. It was her ‘date’ to prom. The teens have been dating for two years now and have been apart for a year.

“I wasn’t planning on going to prom. I didn’t want to go, but then I just thought, why not?”

Her boyfriend Jake Balzano is in the Marines, stationed in Florida. “I told her to go, it’s the only prom she’s going to be able to go her last year in High School. I’d be upset if she wasn’t able to go… the way she did it was amazing,” says Balzano.

“I didn’t feel weird not having a date. The whole group picture everyone has a boy behind them, and I had a Marine in front of me. In a way, I kinda felt like I had the best date,” says Hardie.

Hardie plans on bringing the photo of Bazano to her High School graduation.

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