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Taking Care of Families Affected by the 2013 Camp Pendleton Fire


hospital fire on camp pendleton 2013Over 230 residents were forced to leave their homes in O’Neill Heights neighborhood situated behind the Camp Pendleton Hospital on October 5th.  Evacuated residents were given shelter at the Paige Fieldhouse while some opted to stay with a friend or bunk up with one of the generous families aboard the base who opened their homes.

Military families are used to dealing with adversity from wartime deployments, long absences due to training, and frequent moves.  Dealing with paying deductibles or trying to recover from the loss of personal items is devastating.  Oftentimes a car or small possessions may be all military families have to hold onto as their bit of “normal” in their life.

We want to do our part in helping those families affected by the wildfire.  We’ve received conflicting reports whether or not homes have been lost, but we know cars have caught fire and it’s likely that personal property outside the homes have been lost as well; whether it’s a child’s swing set, bike, or family pet that was lost due to smoke damage or trapped outside.  If nothing else, we’d like to help pay that insurance deductible and band together to show our support to these military families.

All monies received will benefit families affected by this fire.  If you’d like to take part and donate to help these families, any amount is greatly appreciated. Click to donate today.  

***keep checking back on this page as we will update it shortly***


We have other military families who are joining together with us to provide monies as well.  All of the businesses below are donating the full commission to our fundraising site. Read about each fundraiser below and what they are contributing below. Keep checking back because we will be adding more fundraisers as well.

Check out the Military Owned Companies Fundraising As Well

grace adele fundraiser handbag purse cute cheap best

Scentsy, Velata, & Grace Adele: Sara Seemayer:  If you need to rock a new handbag, scarf or jewelry piece, look no further than Grace Adele.  This Marine Corps spouse is generously donating her commissions to help the families affected by the fire.

She also has the delicious Velata for sale, perfect for bringing a party indoors now that Fall is in the air.  Who doesn’t love fondue?

Last, she has Scentsy and is excited to bring the seasonal scents into your home. Shop now for great holiday gifts!

Sarah worked at Camp Pendleton every day for 3 years. She has a lot of families from her former students, co-workers and friends that are near and dear to my heart that are being impacted by the fires and her heart goes out to them.

origami owl fundraiser fire camp pendleton

Origami Owl: Nicole Guthrie. Being a Marine family and just moving from there, I wanted to do my part to help in any way that I can. I wish I could just hand over a check, instead I’m going to do a fundraiser and hand over my FULL commission that is made on the sales from the event. I hope that you can find it in your heart to help out so many families.

Origami Owl sells lockets that tell your life story. They are like little shadow boxes that you can fill with charms to tell everyone anything. They can be changed at any time and you can also add to them as well. There are 3 different sizes….Mini, Medium, Large. Different colors as well to choose from. Please visit my website and at checkout under billing information you will see Jewelry Bar Info….please click on the arrow to the right….find Camp Pendleton Fire Fundraiser. That way we can keep track of all sales. Thank You so much for your help. Please keep all the families in your thoughts and prayers!!!  perfectlocket@aol.com


31 Gifts Fundraiser Fire31 Gifts: Jamie Cardin: I truly believe that God brought Thirty One gifts into my life to bless people in times like these! I will be opening a fundraiser on my page to benefit the displaced families! I will be donating ALL of my commission to this cause!

You can visit my website or contact me at jamiecardin43@gmail.com  as well. We will continue to pray for everyone involved as well! Thanks so much!






Scentsy WarmersScentsy: Megan Alcala: is donating 100% of her commission to help her fellow military families affected by the fire.  They are a Marine family as well and want to do whatever they can to help.  Visit her website or contact her at megan20052009@hotmail.com

You should see the fundraiser up on the site stating “Camp Pendleton”






Scentsy Fundraiser

Scentsy: Jeanne Floyd is donating 100% of her commissions to help the victims of the Camp Pendleton Fire.

As a Marine wife she is passionate about participating in a fundraiser to help these families. She is also donating 100% of her commissions from Velata and Grace Adele sales as well.

You should see the fundraiser up on both sites stating “Camp Pendleton”



Pampered ChefPampered Chef: Paula Pereira: Fellow Marine Corps spouse wants to give back to the victims of the fire by donating 100% of commissions to families.

Please visit her website, Facebook page, or contact her at chefpaulinha@yahoo.com or call 915-475-2657.

She also lives in Southern California, so she is excited to help in any way she can.








book drive camp pendleton fire

Usborne Books and More: Michelle Mariette:  As a military spouse I believe that we all have to stick together and help one another in times of need. God has made it possible for me to stay home with my girls, and introduced Usborne Books to me which always to share my books with my children as well.

This being said, I will be donating 100% my commissions to the Camp Pendleton Fire Victims. Please visit her website today.


A BIG THANKS to Volunteers!

A big SHOUT OUT goes to all the families who have donated personal belongings to the Paige Fieldhouse and helping other families.  These photos were provided by Heather Rodriguez who is busy donating her time and volunteering down there.

And thanks to those of you who sent in fire pics:

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  1. that was our SUV. It was in my family for 18 years to the day, Oct 5 1995 – Oct 5 2013. It was my husbands mode of transport to and from work for the last six years here on Pendleton. Lasted us a good 300k+ miles. I was told that it exploded.

    • sorry I cant donate any money because i am not listed on any paper, as being a marine but may god bless you n your family I signed up for selective service when I was 17. I care about you guys and if I can I will help, much love and respect from a nobody in Marana AZ

  2. Hello My 4-H group would like to send troops cards, care packages but we don’t know where to get Emails, or Address for the ones overseas… thanks so Much The Midnite Riders


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