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Sucker punch boxer still attacking Marines, says Army Rangers can’t fight


The sucker-punching “boxer” Charlie Zelenoff has once again taken to unsportsmanlike conduct in friendly sparring matches with Marines in order to satisfy his ego.

Quickly approaching his thirties, Zelenoff is known on the internet as somewhat of a “boxing bully,” who goes full-force with opponents during sparring exercises and friendly matches, usually winning by delivering a sucker-punch or knocking an unsuspecting opponent off-guard.

While such behavior is acceptable in thuggish brawls featured on Worldstar Hip Hop, it is certainly frowned upon in legitimate boxing circles.

Last Week, Zelenoff reportedly took on two Marine veterans in the same day, claiming victories for both.

In the first “fight,” Zelenoff took on a four-year Marine veteran, who was expecting a friendly spar at a gym. Immediately after touching gloves, Zelenoff began whaling on the man’s face, with the Marine quickly demanding that the spar end.

“I won that s***,” Zelenoff declared.

A short time later, Zelenoff went to find another opponent, this time at a Planet Fitness. FInding another Marine veteran, he instructed him to don his gloves, show off his Marine shirt and prepare to spar.

Before the veteran could even put both gloves on, Zelenoff was punching him in the face. The veteran called an end to the fight, only to have Zelenoff continue to assault him. Eventually, the Marine grew tired of this and told the “boxer” to back off with a little more authority in his voice, taking off his gloves.

To anyone watching the sparring match, it was a battle between an insecure individual and a veteran who was expecting some friendly, reserved and disciplined combat sport. In the mind of Zelenoff, however, it was a series of real fights where he came out on top.

“I beat two US Marines today,” he said. “That first fight?.. Real life Terminator, I’m the Real life Terminator.”

In a video from earlier last month, Zelenoff picked another fight with an older Marine veteran as well, who ultimately decided he didn’t want to participate in a one-sided assault.

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