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Study: 75% of potential military recruits are unqualified for service


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Some startling statistics from a recent study show a vast number of young people are unqualified  to serve in the military.

According to the study by the nonprofit group Mission Readiness — about 90 percent of America’s youth are “disinterested in military service, and 75 percent of potential recruits are unqualified for service due to medical, moral or educational factors.”

Marine Corps officials at the Parris Island depot say, while there are many young people who have a desire to serve, they are certainly facing some recruiting challenges.

Major Charlie Nash says, “There’s probably not been a more important time in our nation’s history to properly prepare for our national defense.”

It’s a challenge to find the right people for this job, he says. They are looking for the “tough, smart and elite.”

At Parris Island, recruits go through a major transformation over the 13 weeks of basic training. Their day begins at 4am and they get right to it — with little sleep, little food and a very grueling schedule.

They’re trained in hand-to-hand combat and spend hours in the classroom.

Brand new Marines, like Charlotte native Parker McGinnis, say they came here to be part of something bigger than themselves.  Pfc. McGinnis says he wanted to do something with his life that he could be proud of.

The recruits are also taught to conquer their fears and build discipline. Drill Instructors ‘get out their bad habits’ and the training even extends into chow time — where the Marines are taught to ‘move with purpose.’

Military leaders say they make around 10,000 contacts to deliver 50 new Marines.  They surpassed last year’s goal of over 34,500– WSOC reported.

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  1. Marine recruit trainers are not called Drill Sergeants. They are called Drill Instructors (DI). You might want to make the edit since many more Marines will be reading this article and that distinction stands out to us all.

    Sgt. Blake J.R. USMC

  2. Tired of these pussies that the Marine Corp is producing now days …. back in my day real Marines were made. They need to start drafting all males between the ages of 18 thru 25. Did you know that these soft sissy recruits can now tell the Drill Instructor that he’s stressing them out, and write home to mommy and daddy for help? That’s total bullcrap, if the recruit is stressed and he can’t function as a marine he or she need to be discharged and sent to the Army.

  3. @kevin no disrespect but I’ve never heard of a “stressed out” recruit being able to do that. I’m still active duty and have been for 9 yrs. Def no new join boots in my unit that were given this opportunity and I just had 2 new boots check in last week. I appreciate your concern but it’s simply not true. Recruit training is still as elite as it was. Semper Fi

  4. http://www.islandpacket.com/news/local/community/beaufort-news/bg-military/article75772207.html This link shows how the mishandling of situations within MCRD Parris Island create unnecessary issues for even the best of candidates. The core values taught everyday are simply not followed any longer down there. I have heard horror story after horror story of abuse and viscous attacks by DIs and recruits. The USMC is allowed to go unchecked with no oversight as to how they treat recruits once injured. This behavior destroys morale. Once this happens the USMC can simply say “mentally unfit ” and give them a “convenience of government ” discharge. My son is setting in PI medical with a head injury he is not receiving proper medical care for. He is constantly being intimidated by the DIs specifically over the details of his situation. It seems to me they are creating a lot of these recruit issues themselves. It appears the corps has lost its integrity and become as corrupt as everything else.


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