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Stolen Valor: Fake Marine called out by Soldier at Airport


The Army Officer approached him, military ID in hand and asked if they could talk. He asked to see his military ID, whether he was active duty or retired and the man admitted to being a fake. His wife videoed the man at the airport who had just landed in Kansas City after taking a flight from Albuquerque.

KOB News talked with others in the area noticed the discrepancy in appearance. “Ortega said he noticed red flags immediately, saying “”The cover is the hat. If you’re wearing that indoors you’re either on duty or you have your cover off. You’ll have your hat off indoors in uniform,” Ortega said.

His service stripes were a dead giveaway, it would have been impossible to reach the rank he wore on his sleeve in the time he pretended to service. “His service stripes on his Marine Corps uniform – he had three service stripes, which means he served at least 12 years,” said Marine James Garcia. “There’s no way anyone could pick up E9 Master Gunnery Sergeant in 12 years. There’s just no way.”

Stolen Valor is insulting for those veterans who have served, especially those who have lost friends to war. “He’s just seeking attention,” said Ortega. “You know that uniform…turns a lot of eyes.” He continued, “It hurts because I saw so many of my buddies get killed in Vietnam, and they wore the uniform proudly and served their country proudly,” said Army Vietnam veteran Orlando Padilla.

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  1. This is a dishonor to ANY person that served their time and did the work to make there rank. This person should be ashamed of this impersonation.

  2. I don’t mean to sound like I’m defending this turd, but I really wish people would understand what Stolen Valor is and what it isn’t. It is not illegal to wear a uniform or awards that you didn’t earn. That’s protected by our First Amendment, as was affirmed in US v. Alvarez (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._Alvarez), which struck down the original Stolen Valor Act. The new Stolen Valor Act that passed in 2013 makes it illegal to receive any money, property, or tangible benefit by lying about having received a Medal of Honor, a Distinguished Service Cross, a Navy Cross, an Air Force Cross, a Silver Star, a Purple Heart, a Combat Infantryman’s Badge, a Combat Action Badge, a Combat Medical Badge, a Combat Action Ribbon, a Combat Action Medal, or any replacement or duplicate medal for such medal as authorized by law.
    Again, it’s not illegal to wear those awards when you haven’t earned them. It’s illegal to use them to gain some tangible benefit.

  3. Getting a seat upgrade that you did not pay for would be cobsidered monetary gain. So he would be infact breaking the law. Also accepting meals would be in the same category.

  4. You know, the one thing I haven’t seen is someone sporting a Coast Guard uniform in a stolen valor incident. Has anyone ever seen that?

    • You know John…I am a retired U. S. Marine and I can certainly affirm that I am not spineless..! I do lean more toward the liberal point of view so don’t bring politics into this because if you look back on all of the legislation passed by Congress, it tends to be the Republicans that abandon the Veterans.

  5. Had a Marine discovered this fake he would have been made so uncomfortable with questions heard by all present, everyone in the airport would immediately know an imposter was dressed early for holloween in a stolen costume. He would be disgraced, embarrassed to the point he may want to surrender the uniform on the spot. We don’t like phonies, only those who earned the title have the right to wear the emblem. A lot of good men have fought and died in a Marine uniform, no one has the right to call themselves a member of the brotherhood unless they have earned it………period.
    This isn’t a man, it’s just an imposter.

  6. I hate it when you get someone like him who prob would run a hide at the sound of gunfire, and leave his buddies to die in a ditch. He’s faking the funk.

  7. I DID serve with a real go getter though who had a stellar career with several meritorious promotions and made 1stSgt in 10 years before picking up a Warrant and shortly there after a commission to 1st it. No clue as to what happened to him after that. I transferred to Hawaii.

    USMC Retired

  8. You are expected to wear your cover inside if you armed with your service weapon. Many military police every single day do it. It lets other soldiers and Marines know you have a weapon. Obviously this guy should not have a weapon Or a cover on inside. Good job politely confronting and confirming the Army officers suspicions, and getting a confession. However this article does give people the wrong idea that wearing a cover inside might always be wrong, and that is simply not true. Respectfully a former MP


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