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Staying home for Spring Break? Here’s 8 tips for a great Staycation!


#4: Have a movie party 

Ok, so there will be some friends that go out of town for Spring Break. That doesn’t mean everyone will! Throw a movie party! Use your imagination and craft a theme (like the movie/book idea from above!), make it a dress like the “characters from a movie” party, or serve food that is served on the movie. Get creative. But remember to have the kids help. It’s THEIR party. Give them some room to test out their entertaining skills, it’s not like it’s a birthday party and people expect something from you. Enjoy yourself and your guests… maybe even your kids a bit too.

#5: Have a cook off 

20 Meals and snacks kids can help withYa know what’s great about this day and age? The internet! For so many reasons… but in this particular case, it’s awesome because it’s like the never ending cookbook! Recipes for miles and miles, and from all over the world.

With all kinds of cultures, types and ingredients, you could repeat this project forever.

Consider various options of having a cook off. You could pick one recipe and have your kids try to make it on their own. You could give them ingredients and let them create their own experiments. Or, you could give them an ingredient and tell them to find a recipe.

The options are endless. Have fun with it!

#6: Make a movie

Most us have iPads or tablets at our fingertips, did you know you also have movie editing programs like iMovie? Many programs have movie trailers built in; I swear, my kids taught me the awesomeness that is iMovie trailers. I don’t know how I ever entertained them before!

And it’s SOOOOO easy a 5 year old could do it. I know. I’ve seen it happen. (True story).

#7: Hit the dusty (park) trail

Every city, no matter how big or small has park trails somewhere. Put those kids on wheels and let them ride them! Fresh air, good exercise, and good memories will be had. Not to mention, there’s a good chance they’ll need a nap when you get home. It’s a win-win.

#8: Pick a project

Don’t go all “mom” on your kids during Spring Break and try to make ‘organizing their room’ fun (admit it, that’s where you went with that. I’m still fighting the urge to list it, believe me, I understand!).

What’s the second best thing about this day in age? PINTREST! If you can’t think of a project, pintrest will.  Go through it. If you can, go through it with your kids. It’ll be more fun if you pick it out together.


Whatever you decide to do, there;s a ton of great (and free!) ideas available for Spring Break or long weekends. Have fun with your kids and go make some memories. Don’t forget to take pictures!

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