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Staying home for Spring Break? Here’s 8 tips for a great Staycation!


Spring break is just around the corner and if you’re one of the many families opting to have a “Staycation” this year, you might be feeling the pressure to create some fun and memorable experiences during your off time. Fear not my friend, I’ve got you covered.

Spring Break ideas staycation easy and free things to do with your kids vacation holiday

#1: Become a tourist in your town

Having had the opportunity to travel this great country from coast to coast on numerous occasions with 2 small children, a dog, a cat and a tortoise (YIKES!) I’ve become fairly accustomed to the road games and long conversations-did I say conversations?! I totally meant screaming matches- that will ensue. But thanks to websites like Road Side America, you can find something interesting in just about any area.

From random history, to genius book of records stuff, you’d be surprised at what you will find in your town. Sure, you may look a little silly, pulling over and snapping a picture with that crazy statue you’ve seen everyday for the past few years, but thanks to this site, you’ll now know it’s history. Besides, isn’t silly what Spring Break is made for?

#2: Volunteer

Clean up a park, help a neighbor with their yard, talk to your church or soup kitchen. Talk to your kids. What matters to them? Preventing pollution? Saving animals? Helping the homeless? Maybe they like “old people” and just want to spend time making their day better. There’s always projects out there and organizations that need your help. The things that matter to your kids might surprise you, and warm your heart with pride. Ask them. Then pick something. The memories will be well worth the conversation.

Humane Society of the US ideas how to help kids

Some things might have an age requirement, take the Humane Society for example, but don’t count your kids out because of their age. Get creative when there’s an obstacle. Make their Spring Break into a memory of the time they were told they were too young to make a difference, but still found a way.

Here’s how we worked around this issue: A few years ago, my kids begged for me to take them to our local Humane Society. They’d found some stray kittens and brought them to the shelter so they could find their forever home. They wanted to give back and say thanks, but were ten, so we had to great creative since they were too young to volunteer.

The kids worked hard collecting cans from our neighbors to recycle and used the money to create dog toys with new tennis balls and old t-shirts from the thrift store. We brought over 50 toys to the shelter and they were so excited that they let the kids deliver one to each dog.

It. Was. Awesome.

#3: Check out your library

From craft time, to movie time, book clubs and lessons on knitting, it’s all at the library. And it’s FREE! Take advantage of it! When you’re done, pick out a few books you want to read together (or apart) during the break. Oooooooooooooo! Maybe even a book that has a movie so you can watch the movie after and compare the two. Like Charlottes Web, Harry Potter or the Hunger Games. Even The Cat In The Hat has it’s own movie now. You could seriously do this for days!

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