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Statue honoring Marines at Camp Lejeune unveiled


Dozens gathered to watch the unveiling of the new statue and fountain at the Lejeune Memorial Gardens — something that has been in the works for 17 years.

“When they see this magnificent eagle, globe and anchor which is a figurative depiction of the official Marine Corps emblem, it’s not exactly the same, we hope they will be inspired,” says Jay Sollis, the chairman of B.O.D Museum of the Marine, reported by WITN.

This is the first part of a  two-phase project and speaking on behalf of the museum was the 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps General Al Gray.

“When it gets culminated, a true representative and educational thought for all of the Carolinas and the Marines that have served and the sailors, and I think our young people of the future will get a lot out of it,” says Gray.

$28 million still needs to get raised for phase two completion.

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