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Spring 2013 Tips to Glam Up Your Look


crave necklace spring 2013 trendsMost of us women think we cant go from comfortable to glamorous with our wardrobe but that is not true. Dressing up and adding a little bit of sparkle to your look will boost your mood, even if it is just for a regular day of running errands. When you are well dressed, you feel your best! Use these tips to help you add a little bit of glam to your outfit.

Add sparkle! This is the easiest (and my favorite) way to take your look from drab to cheerful without changing much. Take a colorful statement necklace like this one from Crave Jewels with pair of jeans and a basic colored tee for a casual but stylish ensemble. Just don’t overdo it on the bling! Pick one sparkling item and keep the rest of the outfit neutral. Piling on long earrings, a statement necklace, rings and a arm full of bangles is just simply too much.

Transitional Pieces! When you are shopping, look for clothing that you can wear from day to night. Sometimes you just need to add a little bit extra to your outfit to make it a little more special. A simple lace tee instantly becomes glamorous when you pair it with a nice blazer. Classic dark colored jeans are my go to with denim. Wearing a darker color makes the switch from daytime to dressed up so easy.

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Stand out! Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of stores like The Gap and Target but so is everyone else. Shopping at local boutiques will help you find items that not many other women own. It will help you to stand out from everyone else and people will notice your unique sense of style. Look for tops with bright colors or a find a striking pair of shoes, it will instantly grab people’s attention!

Show it off! Pick one area of your outfit to be the stand out piece. One of the new trends this summer is printed pants and jeans. I love this idea! If you go with a bold pattern bottom like these from Old Navy, choose a simple neutral top to wear with it. Too much color or mixing it with another bold pattern will turn your chic look to overdone.

Be confident! Pick what is comfortable and makes you feel great. Dont feel like you have to keep up with all the newest trends and go outside of your own style. Just add whatever it is to make the look your own. When you feel confident, it will show!

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