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My First Adventure on Space-A: How I Did It


I had butterflies in my belly, not from the excitement of a loved one, but rather from nervousness if my whole scheme would work out. I had heard about the conundrum known as Space A, but knew that it was a gamble if everything would actually work out. I brought my hare-brained scheme to my husband and suggested we take a trip to Hawaii with the family over Spring Break… “oh and by the way, we’re going to take Space A to get there”. He isn’t the gambler that I am, but after explaining that I knew people (surely that must count for something), yes TWO people who have used the program with success and that we should just go for it! Hesitantly, he agreed.

Part 1, husband agrees. Part 2, look into getting flexible hotels.

I like luxury. I like it a lot. But I also like to do things and save money at the same time when possible. You know those annoying phone calls that always happen during dinner? They always want a few moments of your time… so instead of hanging up, I listened and actually took them up on their offer (I think it was all the wine I was drinking). Shell Vacation Club wanted us to do was sit through their two hour presentation in exchange for getting a highly discounted room in Hawaii! Why the heck not? We were planning on going there anyhow! I signed us up and we were able to get a really great resort in Waikiki a block from the beach for just $88/night (I requested an upgrade to a full kitchenette and suite).

Our kids are 7 and 3, so ideally we like to book suites so that we can separate the kids from ourselves. It really works out great, they go to bed at 8:30pm and we get to close the door and enjoy alone time after curfew. I then booked out an extra four days at a discounted rate around $198/night so we could stay on at the hotel and get a really great vacation on the cheap. So what? We had to donate two hours of our vacation to listen to them try to sell us a timeshare (always say no!), but it was a great way to save some dough. Think it’s a big risk to pay that much for hotels if we don’t make it? They offered a $25 cancellation fee per night if we ended up not being able to make it on the aircraft, so we really wouldn’t be out a lot of money if the flights didn’t work out.

Plan B

The week prior to our trip, my husband started talking about going the wine country if this didn’t work out. I didn’t even entertain the idea, partly because I’ve taken my kids to the wine country… and kids+wine country = no fun. I was sure positive thinking would get us there!

The First Flight Out

You will need to start watching flights departing and arriving from bases near you. For me it was easy – I needed to go to Hawaii and there are only two bases on Oahu where we could land: Kaneohe Bay (Marine Corps) and Hickam (AF). Several bases fly to Hawaii near me (we’re stationed at Pendleton) but the closest airports were Miramar (MC), North Island Coronado (Navy) and March ARB (AF Reserve Base). The best chance of getting to Hawaii was North Island since they have the most frequent flights. However, I kept my eye on both Miramar and March just in case their dates worked out better.

Now that I picked out my air bases to depart from, I needed to contact them and let them know I was interested in flying out. There is a really cool app called “Take-A-Hop” which has all of the phone numbers and emails necessary for reserving your place in line [this does not reserve a flight, but it gives you a window of priority over other people who may be competing with you to get on the flight]. I highly recommend that you put in your reservations 45 days before you plan on flying (you will need to have approved leave to do this). Space A will hold your spot for 60 days after you contact them. SAVE YOUR EMAILS to them so that you have a record of when you contacted them. You will need the 15 days on the backside to get you home. Don’t also forget to reserve your spot on the way back – that is equally as important. If you don’t use the Take-A-Hop app, you can also look up each airport and contact them through their websites.

Now that we had a window reserved at the air bases, we needed to find the flight to go for. We found one on Friday, April 6th leaving Coronado to Kaneohe Bay. Success! All we had to worry about was getting on that flight!

Onward and Upward

We needed to be at North Island for flight check in (also called roll call) at 7am. We live about an hour from Coronado, but we weren’t going to take any chances getting stuck in traffic. We woke the kids up at 4:20am and loaded into our pre-packed car at 4:50am. We made it down to Coronado airport at 6:10am. The airport started to buzz around 6:45am but they didn’t do check-ins until 7:30am (30 minutes late). We nervously sat and watched, wondering who was on what flight, if we would make it? They quietly called for the flight, thankfully my husband heard and went to check in. We wouldn’t know if we made it on until later.

About 8:30am, they announced our names and we loaded our checked bags to be weighed. Then we shuffled off to the side where we waited to walk onto the flight line. We took a C-40 to Hawaii, allowing 69 of us to get on the flight. The C40 is just like a 737 but the front part has been converted to Cargo space and the seats have about 6 more inches of legroom. We took off at 9am, after receiving the same in-flight instructions from Naval reservists in flight suits referring to emergency exits and whatnot. After we were in the air for about an hour, the reservists pushed a cart of snacks up and down the aisle selling miscellaneous items for 75 cents/each… everything ranging from soda to chips, candy, etc. All of the proceeds go to MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) which is equivalent MCCS.

Aloha, Hawaii

We landed at noon on the dot. It was a quick six hour flight and Aloha Hawaii!

We walked to a very cramped and old waiting room where most of the passengers on the flight awaited Taxi service and Enterprise rentals cars (they will pick you up!).

If you are going to book a rental, make sure that you book the location that is on base! I booked a rental on Kaneohe, not Kaneohe Bay, so my husband had to drive with them to their location which took forever! Piece of advice… Moms, ditch the kids, get in the rental car! The kids will be tired and exhausted and you will not want to try to entertain them for another 2.5 hours (which is how long it took for the hubs to get back). You will be in dire need of alcohol at this point!

After loading up, we swung into the Commissary and were on the road 30 minutes later heading towards our hotel in paradise. We spent ten days in Hawaii counting flying days. We had a great family vacation hanging at the beach and pool, discovering the Dole Planation where we participated in the World’s Largest Maze and ate pineapple ice-cream, we snorkeled in the ocean, visited the USS Arizona and more. Our hotel room had a kitchenette where it allowed us to make breakfasts and lunches if we chose, saving some more moolah. One big plus to having a kitchenette is that we could lounge around in the mornings and feed the beasts without hurrying up and waiting in line to eat breakfast.

AF versus Marine Corps

Fast forward to getting back to the mainland: we started watching flights after a few days of being on the island. We had an idea of when we wanted to go back, we just had to find the right flight to make it happen. Thursday we drove to the Hickam terminal so we could get answers in person instead of over the phone since it was so close. We were breathless…

Marine Corps Terminal

Versus Air Force Terminal

…this beautiful sparkling place which actually looked like a terminal with TV monitors, showers, a USO and more! If you’ve never been on an AFB, you won’t realize how good the other people have it. Psst, you should check out their gyms! More on that later.

Goin’ Back to Cali

We found several flights to Travis AFB (outside of San Francisco) but that was a little too far for us. We thought we would wait it out since there was a flight to March ARB on Saturday as well as two flights to North Island on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning arrives and we’re ready to get on the plane. We woke up the family at 3am and arrive at Hickam at 4:20… only to discover the flight to Coronado isn’t taking passengers and the flight to March has been “rolled”, which means it was scheduled to go out the next day. The good news was that there was also a flight headed back to Pendleton on Sunday. Exhausted, we crawled back to the hotel we had earlier checked out of and thankfully they let us back in until the noon checkout. We hung out at the pool and got a reservation at the Naval Lodge on Ford Island, which is about 10 minutes from Hickam.

That evening, we made our way over to the Naval Lodging and opened our room and immediately were overpowered by the stench of burnt bacon or spam? It was gross. We opened the windows and turned on fans, but alas the smell was here to stay. I swear the sheets even smelled of bacon, and believe me, I’m a girl who likes bacon, but eww! They had a nice pool at the facility, but we didn’t use it. The rooms didn’t look that bad, but considering they were $99/night and what we got for the bit more, I was glad stayed at a resort.

Take Two

Sunday morning arrived with an early wakeup call at 1am; we arrived at 2am for a 2:45am roll-call. The flight to March had been rolled again, so our only hope was the flight to Pendleton scheduled for 4:40am. Only 19 seats were available and a lot of people were clamoring to get on this flight. We were told we had first priority to get on the flight, so this was good news. They ended up getting 57 seats on the plane due to the amount of people wanting to get on the flight.

Boarding procedures for this base were completely different. They followed TSA rules for carry-on which meant that we couldn’t take water on the plane or anything over 3oz. Our bags were screened and loaded prior to us getting on the flight. We went through the metal detectors and scanners and were loaded onto buses at 3:20am. We got into a C17 Globe Master which I thought was pretty cool. We picked out our seats, buckled up and waited and waited and…. They told us that the communication devices were not working. We waited some more. They got those fixed… then found out the flaps weren’t working. Then we got nervous… we were in the “waiting place”. Shortly thereafter, we took off at 5:30am.

Before we got on the flight, we purchased four meals for approximately $18. Once we leveled off at cruising altitude, they handed out boxed meals which included a ham or turkey sandwich, bag of chips, piece of fruit, juice, treat and bottled water. Since we could not take our own water on the plane, this was a great discovery. After we were airborne, airmen came and filled up their inflatable mattresses, placed their sheets, pillows and sleeping bags on top and went to sleep. Soon thereafter, they announced that they had free blankets which were individually wrapped in space bags, so we happily laid on the floor and immediately zonked out from sheer exhaustion.

We landed at Pendleton after a 5.5 hour flight. Not many flights land at Pendleton, so we really lucked out. We would have had to wait until Monday for the next flight back to North Island which would have been disastrous for our plans of returning to work. The big lesson we learned was to give ourselves a three day buffer on each end: instead of a Friday-Sunday window, a leave date of Thursday-Tuesday window is better since since more flights are scheduled Monday thru Friday.

I did a lot of research before I took a chance on Space A. Here is what I learned.

Baggage: Baggage weight limits

  • Packing is crucial when it comes to Space A; there are a lot of planes which have weight restrictions.
  • Don’t pack a bag more than 40 pounds to check (some flights have a 30 pound limit per person, per checked bag).
  • Families traveling together may pool their baggage, but make sure you don’t exceed the 40 pound limit per bag. We took one bag for the kids at 40 pounds so we could have a bit more weight for the 10 pound carry on weight (computer, dvd player and other tech-y stuff really adds up!)
  • You can check pocket knives, large bottles of shampoo or other liquids if you’d like.
  • Car seats and strollers don’t count as weight or checked bags. Find out what kind of airplane you will be on, you may decide to keep your small child in it (we did in the C-17).
  • Everyone must wear closed toe shoes.
  • List of prohibited items.

What to Bring on a Space A Flight

  • Bring ear plugs. If you have small kids, buy the earphones that block out noise. They are cheap and totally worth it. We didn’t need it for the flight down, but was necessary on the way back. They do offer free ear plugs, but they aren’t very comfortable.
  • Bring snacks and water: You never know if they are going to offer snacks for sale or in-flight meals. Plus the food they serve isn’t necessarily good for you, so we brought fresh sliced fruit to eat on the way over. We couldn’t bring fruit on the plan back from Hawaii due to regulations.
  • Bring a small sleeping bag. Most Marines have small sleeping bags that fold up really small which would be easy to check in case you don’t need it. Small blankets and the U-Shaped pillows that wrap around your neck are always nice. We did see a guy with a cushy yoga mat… very smart if you don’t want to bring a blanket.
  • You may want to bring a knit hat with you on flights, I’ve been told that KC-135’s are really cold (and slow!)

How to Register for Space A

  • Register 45 days in advance for any airbase you think you might need to fly out of for your vacation. That includes airports in which you might take a transfer flight.
  • You will need to register for each person flying with you. One email is fine, but you will need to note the names and ages of any children with you, as well as the spouse name, if applicable. Some airbases require social security numbers in advance.
  • Some bases will tell you what kind of plane each flight is, it may make a difference with whether or not you want to be on that plane. Some planes are really slow: KC-135 planes and others.

Identification to Bring With You on Your Flight

  • If you have passports for your children, bring them. If you don’t have passports, I highly encourage that you purchase them. You never know when you may need to travel internationally and passports are a much easier item to carry around than Birth Certificates.
  • Hickam was asking for children’s social security numbers along with their Birth Certificates, but because we had passports for the kids, they didn’t bug us.
  • Always bring a copy of your approved leave papers. They will ask for it at check-in.

Who’s Eligible to Fly Space A?

  • Travel Eligibility: We flew Category 3 for regular vacation leave. There are very few Category 1 and 2 people flying on the plane… that is why we ended up getting first priority. All of the retirees who were trying to get on the plane (Category 6, the lowest category) were able to fly successfully, although they do get bumped quite often.
  • You must travel with your active duty sponsor if you live in the CONUS (Continental United States) to use Space A.
  • If you are stationed overseas, in Alaska or Hawaii, then you are restricted to travel within your assigned theater and to/from CONUS (not within CONUS), so long as you have a letter from his/her command.
  • If your spouse is deployed, you may fly to and from your spouse’s location, but you need to have a letter from his/her command. No, you may not fly into a combat zone or dangerous area. There is no limit to how many times you can go back and forth, except to Korea, you may only go once for up to 30 days.
  • Any of your dependents can fly with you as long as they have an ID card (if they’re older), or if they are young children, they need to be older than 6+ weeks.
  • If you are pregnant more than 34 weeks, you are not eligible to fly.

Helpful Resources for Space A Travel

Personally I didn’t find the message boards all that helpful. There are a lot of people asking questions with regards to which flight goes where. Many of your questions were probably the same ones I had… and I went straight to the source asking the airbase directly.

I hope that this encourages you to check out Space A Travel and give it a shot!


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  1. Thanks Kristine! Whew. Sounds like a lot of planning and patience are required. I didnt realize I couldn’t fly w/o Kevin…good to know. So you would do it again? And most importantly,did you buy the timeshare???? 🙂

  2. Kristine, great article and thanks for sharing. One comment – signing up at least 45 days in advance may not work at some USN locations – you may find you signup expired!!

  3. How fun reading this! I too did this for the first time over this spring break and had a similar experience, and flew home on your flight! I’m trying to picture who you guys are. I was seated rt next to the family you have pictured w/ the kids huddled on the floor sleeping w/ the pink travel pillow, and I also have the exact pics of the sleeping airmen and the three people seated across near the front of the plane (man w the mat). Too funny! Been waiting to share my story as well on spacea FB and post pics but still in recovery mode from the almost 48 hrs no sleep. After we showed at 0440 Sat morning, we just hung around till 1000 and got a ride to the beach on Hickam and driven back around 1730. Basically stayed there until the Pendleton flight! Were you aware of their awesome family room? It is sound proof so the terminal peeps can’t hear the kids screaming, and it also has a private enclosed outdoor playground, and when you climb to the top of the play structure you can watch planes take off and touch down. You enter the sliding door across from the car rental office with a secret code they will give you if you ask. Most people passing thru the terminal are completey unaware of this room and playground. I have pics of the family rm I could share w you if you want. I traveled w my 8 yr old daughter and when we got back to the terminal from the beach Sat she crashed on the couch in the sleeping room attached to the family room and slept until 2130, while I surfed the cable network watching the BIG screen tv for about 6 hrs! This experience (what i was calling my “dry run” before I do a bigger trip) taught me alot. One thing I learned is it is easier to get to Hawaii from North Island than Travis, even tho Travis has 15 times as many flights. I actually tried Travis unsuccessfully the week before I caught the North Island flight. At Travis there were 3 planes the day I arrived, but about 150 people crammed in there all wishing for the same spring break trip to Hawaii. Because they fly so often people head there thinking they have the best chances. I sooo wanted off that C-17 when I heard the wing flaps were not working. And then seeing all the airmen flipping through the manuals trying to figure out how to fix it-too funny, but scary as well! I hope you got to take your kids up to the cockpit while in flight. That was a treat for my girl! Now getting bk to North Island for the car was a whole ‘nother story to tell! (they wouldn’t let our taxi on base!)
    Glad you had a good time and it all worked out! Aloha!
    p.s. I flew unaccompanied, husband deployed. We can pretty much go anywhere OCONUS and due to his LONG deployment, we can go anywhere CONUS as well. 🙂

  4. I have to disagree with you, the KC-135 is not slow, cold yes sometimes. KC-135 from Hickam to McQuire AFB, NJ 8.5 hrs. If you want slow & cold, try a C-130

  5. How were you able to sign up 45 days in advance if you were CAT III (active duty on leave). You’re not supposed to sign up more than 12 hours before the start of your leave.

  6. Thanks for the great BLOG! We are trying the same thing tomorrow (4yo and 1 yo). When you checked in at NAS North Island did all of you have to do the initial check in? Or just the Active duty member? Sorry for the 20 questions, Was it first come first serve, was there a long line? I got a confirmation email from the North Island Space A Terminal but I’m not sure that will get us on the aircraft any easier.

    We have a 0900 takeoff as well so I’m trying to gauge if we’ll have to get a place in line early or not.



    • Aaron, when we checked in, only the active duty service member had to be there (they never looked at me or the kids, they only cared about him as NAS North Island). We basically sat around waiting on pins and needles for a bunch of people to run up to the gate, but it never happened. They announced it very quietly (not over the main speaker) and then people just lined up. Bags were turned in and then we waited some more. When it came time to line up to board the plane, they made another announcement and everyone just shuffled over to the large doors going outside and walked outside as a group and people boarded. Everyone who wanted to get on the flight were able to do so, but I have a feeling that if there were cutoffs to be made (let’s say for argument’s sake all active duty were on the plane and they had to make cuts) then I think they would start cutting by people who had the paperwork filled out and the date on it, vice people just showing up that day to fly.

      Good luck on your flight tomorrow Aaron – I hope some of these tips help you on your trip. Please comment back and let us know how your trip ended up and what things you found helpful from the blog!

  7. Kristine,

    Will do, I have this feeling its going to be like that show Amazing Race. Your BLOG makes a lot of the uncertainty go away but I’ll be sure to pack my K-Bar and space blanket just in case.

    Thank you!


  8. Trip complete. The flight out to KBay went down just like your blog. C-40, NASNI to K-Bay. Enterprise picked me up and away we went. Make sure the K-Bay Enterprise is open when you land. The trip home required a little more logistics. There weren’t any flights out of K-Bay or to NASNI so we decided to take a trip to Travis with a follow on flight the next day to NASNI. We kept a close eye on the flight schedules and it worked out. We returned our car at Hickam and there was a 35$ drop fee, no big deal since its right at the terminal. We got on a C-5 to Travis with a minor 1 hr delay for “refueling”. We landed around 9 PM and ground transportation to the AF Inn was going to take too long so we hoofed it. It was about a 1/2 mile away. I booked a room the day prior but they had plenty available. Everything was closing so we ordered a pizza from Dominoes. Woke up the next morning and got on a C-17 to NASNI.

    Thanks again


  9. Thank you so much for the detailed and helpful account of flying Space-A. Your post is very helpful as I plan future adventures!

  10. I love reading this! last Summer i rode a c17 from travis to hickam. We had two large military trucks strapped in the middle of the cargo plane clanking around the whole time. I stayed at the mc base in kaneohe for 2 months… My dad was stationed there. Ended up flying commercial back because couldn’t manage to space a back out. Its quite an experience. Everyone should give it a go.

  11. Can you please update/clarify your article as your use of the word “reserve” and “reservations” leads folks to belive that they have a reserved seat/spot on a flight (even though you clarify that in the article). The proper terminology to use would be to “signup on the Space-A register.” v/r John D.

  12. My husband is retired Navy, so I am a dependent. I would like to go and see my son that is stationed in Misawa, Japan. He has been there for three years, and has only had the opportunity to come home once in that period. My husband can’t make the trip. Am I eligible to take a Space A flight without my husband?

  13. Hello,
    Thank you for your very informative article. One quick question. How loud was the milItary aircraft you returned on? The reason I’m asking is because I know my youngest child with surely pull off her noise blocking head phones. Is the noise to the point of maybe damaging ones hearing if they weren’t used?

    • It was louder at takeoff of course but it wasn’t anything that would ruin hearing. It’s like being in a really loud movie theater but only hearing white noise if that helps.

  14. Very interesting blog and so detailed. Thanks for taking the time to document this experience.

    My wife, 4 kids (8, 11, 14, and 16 years old) and I plan to attempt a “Space-A-Vacay” to Europe when school is out this summer. I want to start the journey in the first week of June. I am retired Army and don’t plan to go to work in the civilian sector until school starts next year. So, this is a perfect opportunity to have a lot of fun at a huge discount and make some great memories before my oldest son leaves the nest. We want to spend the first week or so in Germany. The biggest problem I am running into during the planning phase of this trip is lodging. I am seeing plenty of discounted hotels and short term apartments for rent in various German cities, but they seem to be quickly booking up for the summer and I have no way to reserve a place without exact arrival dates. I haven’t flown Space-A but once and that was while on active duty and returning to Oahu from San Antonio. That was really pretty simple and pain free. I have a feeling that this Germany trip is gonna be a little different considering my priority 6 status, my 6 person family, and the number of different flights we may need to get there. I am the adventurous gambler of this relationship and even I am getting a little concerned about all the unknowns with this adventure. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Ken, I’m also retired and plan to start doing some space A travel in January of 2015. Was wondering how your summer Space-A-Vacay to Europe went?

  15. With your whole experience, set backs and all…Would you recommend flying with a 3yr old and a 5mo. old? It would just be me with them as my spouse (sponsor) can’t join us for the trip. Btw we’d be leaving from Alaska. Any advice would be great. TIA. BTW thanks so much for sharing your experience. It’s quite hard to find “reviews” of space A flights.

    • I would definitely do it again Lan. Plan for contingencies, bring supplies for several days just in case you get stuck and have a plan to be able to purchase more things (like food and formula, etc) in case your plans don’t work out. I think you should go for it. Let us know how it works out!

  16. My first space-a flight was from San Diego to Hawaii. Really enjoyed the use of this service throughout my younger years, but it became difficult to make a family effort because of all the connections and waiting for military flights.

  17. Unaccompanied dependents of deployed military members can travel as a Cat-III (after active duty Cat-III if sponsor deployed 365 days or more) or Cat-IV (if sponsor deployed 120 to 364 days), including Reserve and Guard personnel. (via spacea.net)

  18. Thanks for this detailed info. We are thinking to bring our kids to Hawaii or even overseas. I was skeptical and afraid but reading this gave me hope that we can indeed travel without breaking the bank or saving years with a military pay for 4 traveling people. Thanks again. I really appreciate it.

  19. I am trying, and failing, to navigate Space A travel. Is there a contact address that I could ask you some questions? Thanks so much!

  20. We just returned from our first space a vacation as a category VI. We had signed up for flights from the east coast about 4 days before departure and had also signed up for return from Hawaii at that time so our “leave date” was pretty senior by the time we left Hasaii.

    We left Charleston for Travis where, due to seat unavailability and cancelled/rolled flights, we stayed for three days (nice trip to wine country and jelly belly factory helped pass the time). Caught a C-17 to JB Pearl Harbor/Hickam where we obtained lodging at NGIS;s Lockwood Hall for $62/night. We did all the Hawaii things, checked out the Hale Koa for future trips as well as MCAS Kaneohe. They have a beautiful new terminal there as well as several different lodging opportunities. Next time we hope to stay at MCAS as we enjoy the less hectic Kbay side. Missed one flight back and passed on a KC 135 to Tennessee. We returned via a direct flight from Hawaii to Charleston.

    The biggest thing we learned was to TAKE YOUR PASSPORT. While in Hawaii, there were three flights to Australia…… Also, you can get better car rental rates than Enterprise but can’t beat the convenience of terminal drop off at both Hickam and MCAS. We opted for a convertible from Alamo for $3.00 more than the cheapest Enterprise car and then changed to Enterprise when we were actively trying to get back. That way we could hang on to our keys until we were actually confirmed on the flight rather than turn in the car with Alamo, take a cab back to the AMC terminal and hope we didn’t need the car for another day.

    Ten days in Hawaii and four at Travis and we spent less than $2000 for transportation (mostly car rental but $22.20 for box lunches) and lodging. A great first time experience.

  21. Very entertaining and very well planned. I have one question though. Did you leave your vehicle in North Island for 10 days? Is there a place to park your vehicle on base while you are on vacation?

  22. Loved your article, but AD on leave can not sign up until ON leave. I’m guessing NI signed you up as of that date, and when you got to Hickam got signed up there.

      • Again, your article is great , very informative, entertaining and great pics , but signing up before on leave is against the regs, either the pax reps may have messed up, or they just marked you present for the flight. I just don’t want people to have misinformation. From the AMC faqs question #15 “Active duty personnel must ensure sign-up takes place no earlier than the effective date of leave.” http://www.amc.af.mil/amctravel/amctravelfaqs.asp

        • or from John D’s site that you mentioned, “Active-duty: can sign-up at outbound and return location(s) as soon as your “leave or pass” status begins (i.e. “ON OR AFTER” your leave start date/time (local)) and must remain in their leave or pass status for the duration of the signup. In other words, YOU CANNOT SIGNUP WHEN YOUR LEAVE FORM IS APPROVED (unless you start leave status the minute your leave form is approved).”

          • I hear what you’re saying Christi, I’m just trying to say it wasn’t that way for us when we went. Maybe the rules have changed, or they’re not enforcing the rules. We applied for our outbound and return locations way in advance of actually being on leave.

  23. Aloha,

    This is a nice article to help out others with space a flight, but question because I’m still new to military lifestyle. I am Originally from Hawaii and I am now at camp lejeune north carolina because husband is stationed here. I want to go visit home in hawaii sometime in May or July for graduation. Now my question is, do you think I can fly without my husband “active duty” ? Can u share what is the site exactly to check out schedules? I would really appreciate your time answering them if you know it. MAHALO NUI LOA (thank you very much) in advance

    • No you can’t fly without them unless they’re deployed and you get special permission from the command, or live outside CONUS. For schedules, you need to look up each potential center you want to fly from.

  24. I would love some additional information on Space A traveling! I am new to the military, Nd my fiancé and soon to be wife has been a few years and she is currently deployed. We are both in the National Guard and want to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon and some friends told us to check out Space A to try and save some money, but our wedding isn’t til the end of April. Any information would be great, as far as who to contact. When should we contact, and all the ins and outs of scheduling it. Thanks!

  25. Are you sure you didn’t confuse the KC-135 with the KC-130? In reality, the KC-135 isn’t slow. Its cruise and max speeds are similar to any “heavy” transport jet, including modern civilian airliners. It’s actually a few knots faster at cruise than the C-17 you flew on.

  26. Hi, I see that we should sign up at each base we are thinking of taking a space a flight out of….but what about the terminal we would be returning from? We are wanting to go to Hawaii from North Island or March and will be faxing our paperwork over…should we also do this with the bases in Hawaii that we would be using for our return flights?
    Thank you and this is a great page for info!


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