Home News Six US Marine officers removed from training school at Quantico

Six US Marine officers removed from training school at Quantico

U.S. Marines present colors at The Basic School (TBS) during a change of command ceremony between Col. Mark Clingan and Col. David Everly at TBS, Quantico, Va., June. 15, 2018. The mission of TBS is to train and educate newly commissioned or appointed officers. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Alexander Cockrell)

Six US Marine officers were removed from training school in Virginia and may be on their way out of the military after allegedly cheating on a land navigation course.

The newly-commissioned Marines were kicked out of The Basic School (TBS) at Quantico after they reportedly partook in dishonest -albeit undisclosed- practices.

Marine Corps’ Training and Education Command Spokesman Captain Joshua Pena said that the Marines were warned about the penalties for misconduct before they began training.

“There is zero tolerance for it,” he added.

According to Military.com, there is little detail as to what transpired, or even when the incident took place.

Marines at TBS navigate day and night using traditional navigation skills, usually in an area of about 13 square miles.

The misconduct is nothing new- in 2012, forty officers were removed after they were found to be involved in an intricate scheme of tapping on ammo cans to guide their fellow Lieutenants to their respective locations.

Commandant General Robert Neller often expresses the importance of land navigation in modern warfare, particularly in an environment where GPS capabilities are imprudent or unavailable.

“We have to leverage the technology we have, which gives us an operational advantage,” Neller said in 2016. “But at the same time…and this makes training even harder…you have to work through or be prepared for when it’s not there.”

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