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SgtMajor of the Marine Corps Issues Statement to Marines


Sgt Major Barrett has issued a statement to his Marines about his testimony on the Hill after reading our open letter. How do you feel about his response?

Check out our follow up post to the article featuring Sgt. Major Barrett discussing our open letter with the Marine Corps Times.

letter to Marines from the Sgt Major of the Marine Corps

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  1. Pay cuts suck all around. It isn’t right to cut pay for Marines especially . We are the baddest Motherfuckers on the pkane. U beleieve they should make more than professional athletes. That’s never gonna happen . Ther probably is no way around the pay cuts. In my day they were seriously considering cutting the Marine Corps all together. Yeah it sucks not making as much..but trust me it could be a lot worse. You still get to be a bad motherfucker with the best title in the world
    Still going to be taken care of. Remember you volunteered . I joined stricktly for the experience of being a grunt. Pay was a bonus. I think the Corps should look at who has kids and who doesn’t and try to make the fairest decisions starting with the Commadant and SGT Major of the Marine Corps. If from the top down pay cuts don’t syart with…then cimplete bullshit. We were taught to lead by example….i’d like to think that they’ve already volunteered to. Keep fighting warriors ….we need you. Thankyou for your service. Semper Fi…..Do or Die.

  2. I have to say a pay cut to the Marine Corps is just not acceptable as long as our leaders in Washington are styling and profiling on the tax payers buck , I have said it once and I will never change my opinion that any pay cuts should be directed to the members of the U.S, Senate and Congress . If you want to talk about wasteful spending why should ex-presidents continue to receive compensation for life for their 4 to 8 years of service in office when not one of them actually needs the money they receive .

  3. I agree. We teach leadership by example. Too many people think that’s a cute little saying. if from our leaders wr had a good exammple to follow…we would be a way tighter country. We’re losing it as a country. Don’t piss off the best. protection by cutting their pay. Maybe we need Marines now more than. ever. . From the president on down do pay cuts. Save the Marine Corps for last. They already are the poorest branch . Quit taunting the lion….imagine if. the armed forceforces decided to go on strike……Better take care of the men and women who are wiping our politicians assess . Semper Fi.

    Baddest motherfuckers on the planet. Do or Die…..Ooorah!

  4. The quickest way to make our Marines less focused on their mission is to erode the quality of life their family has at home. If a Marine is worried about the health and welfare of his loved ones, he is less able to protect his own life and the lives of his fellow Marines. Keep our Marines combat ready by keeping their home life financially stable.

  5. I too served in the Marines… PFC to LtCol (1979 to 2011) and I fully concur with Toni (the previous post). I suspect SgtMaj Barrett will have some difficulty removing the boot from his mouth.

  6. Active warfighters, stand up and be heard, dont let them take one penny from you or yours! Sgtmaj Barrett needs to step down and leave our Corps for even suggesting such shit!! Not to rain on your parade but if you stay 20 and retire it only gets WORSE! Those piece of crap fat cats from the idiot who sits in the White house ( i refuse to call him what all the others before him are called!) To congress down they aint taking no pay cut!! But they sure try to stick it to the retired veterans! We have had 1 fu$%&g pay raise in the 8yrs ive been retired and of course that was a reelection yr for the stiff who currently wastes electricity in the oval office!!! And dont get me started on tricare and his plan to quadruple the yearly fee to over $2,000 dollars a yea!!! We have to take back America people…and that starts from the top, throw the current whitehouse occupant out on his ear, and toss Sgtmajj Barrett out with him, they are good for each other, what a disgrace to both prestigious offices these two tools are!!!!!

  7. This response from SgtMaj Barrett encapsulates all that is wrong with the Marine Corps today. I wasted 7 years of my life as a commissioned officer in the Marine Corps (a year of which was spent with Mike Barrett), years I would gladly give back in exchange for the physical, psychological, and emotional damage the Corps inflicted. I’ve learned more, and worked with better people in the 3 years I have been in the private sector than I ever did while in the Marine Corps. No member of my blood line will make the mistake that I did.


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