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Seven uses for Ballistol Multi-purpose



While Ballistol is known for its gun cleaning properties and unique smell, there is much more that the solvent can do other than keeping your firearms in tip-top shape. Here are a seven uses for Ballistol (one for every day of the week) you may not have known about.

7: Maritime Applications

Ballistol can be used to prevent saltwater corrosion on all sorts of mechanical parts, as well as metals and surfaces.By applying the solvent to the gel your fiberglass boat hull, you can make your boat look better than new.

Ballistol also works on on electric contacts, can be used to help winterize your boat and can even be used as an antiknock additive for fuel.

6: Leather

If your leather is frequently exposed to wet weather, you may find that it becomes brittle with age. Never fear! Ballistol can give your leather a layer of protection against water, mold and insects.
Ballistol keeps smooth leather soft and can be used on everything from holsters to baseball mitts and cowboy boots.

5: Wood

From Grandpa’s old hunting rifle to antique furniture, Ballistol takes the trophy when it comes to protecting your wood. Protecting wood from humidity and insects, Ballistol kan leave wood looking younger and more natural.

4: Wheeled Vehicles

No garage is complete without Ballistol. From keeping parts lubricated to cleaning bug splatter off the grill, Ballistol can be used on your car, truck or motorcycle in a variety of ways.

Ballistol can be used to brighten auto paint, clean seats, clean battery terminals and even prevent your locks from freezing in the winter!

3: Metal

When it comes to fighting corrosion, you can count on Ballistol. From cleaning chrome to removing rust, Ballistol goes the extra mile in cleaning and protecting the metal items you depend on.

Ballistol is widely used in the precision tool industry as well as fine metals, due to it’s ability to permeate small pores in metal.

2: Home and Garden

Ballistol can be used to clean sticky messes on certain surfaces as well as lubricating things such as door hinges and just about anything with moving parts.

1: Rubbers, Plastics and Paints

Ballistol can be used -as a general rule- on any plastic, rubber or painted object that is treated to be chemically resistant.

Interestingly enough, Ballistol can be used on old gramophone records, removing static and enhancing sound quality when a thin layer is applied.

So, there you have it! Now that you know all of the things Ballistol can do, go out and see what other uses you can find for it.

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