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Semper Feisty Wrap-up and a New App For You


Semper Feisty RadioSemper Feisty Wrap-up: Together We Served and Macho Spouse

Mike Christy joined us from Together We Served, a website dedicated to preserving military memories and allowing a military member to describe in detail what they did in the service, honors and achievements awarded, and reconnect with fellow veterans. TWS launched in 2003 and is now has a dedicated website for each service: Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard. They want to enable each service member to document and keep those memories alive for others “in their own words”. This site is a great way to offer a legacy for family members and offers unparalleled historical value.

Macho Spouse was started by Chris Pape to support other male military spouses. Yes, it’s to help guys find resources and brotherhood together while their spouses are serving. While this site is tailored for men, there are plenty of resources for women out there too. Chris can identify with all the other spouses married to our military and shares common challenges: finding work, changing jobs and more. Chris is a talented video producer, so you will discover a lot of great videos on his site.

Free Military App: Dean’s List

Lloyd Deans comes out with inventive app to connect veterans and military spouses with civilian life. It’s a free app containing information on “military and veteran resources, news feeds, social media” which helps promote resources at hand. Dean served in the New Jersey National Guard and is a Mental Health Supervisor at Vets4Warriors, a 24/7 peer support, information and referral program for National Guard and Reserve service members and their families nationwide.

“The Dean’s List” operates on both Apple and Android platforms and performs the following functions:

  • Compiles the most current and relevant resources for Veterans and their families, such as where to find military discounts, employment opportunities, apps, peer support, legal services, health and wellness resources, Veteran services, education and family resources.
  • Delivers news feeds covering veteran issues, such as medical, employment, family issues and breaking news.
  • Provides video feeds covering relevant topics such as testimonials, user-generated content, military life, comedy and alternative medicine.
  • Allows instant chat with other military personnel in The Dean’s List community. Users can ask questions, make statements, post pictures, engage on current topics, etc.

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