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Semper Feisty Wrapup: Interview with Mrs. Bonnie Amos


Semper Feisty RadioWe are thrilled to have Mrs. Bonnie Amos join Semper Feisty Radio. Join us as we discuss her trip to Afghanistan this winter and what it took to get her there.  We also are discussing her recent trips to Iwakuni and Okinawa and how the landscape is changing overseas for our military families.

We also delve into how she has managed to raise kids and find work throughout the years.  Did you know Mrs. Amos “managed banks, started up an aerobic dance exercise class, and operated multiple ice cream franchises and even sold residential real estate!”

We discuss her Recommended Reading List and the changes that will be coming on it shortly.  She is a pillar in our Marine Corps community and is accessible to everyone. You can follow Mrs. Amos through her Facebook page.

Interview with Mrs. Bonnie Amos, First Lady of the Marine Corps

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