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Semper Feisty Recap: Author Ellie Kay, B&B for Vets, and Giving Back to Our Community


Did You Miss the Last Show?

If you missed it, you can always catch the latest show here. We had a really program that Ellie Kay helped us kick off. We talked about Christmas budgets, shopping for the best holiday deals, Black Friday and more. On top of all that advice, she provided easy and maintainable ways to preserve your credit.

How do you listen to podcasts? Quite a few of our listeners download our radio show as a podcast and listen to it on the way to work or running errands. I love that one of our listeners was on her way to the Ball and listened to our Marine Corps Ball episode! Here’s a quick recap of the rundown for this week’s show:

  • Author Ellie Kay, who has authored 14 books and has helped many military families find financial freedom. We’ll be discussing her book which made the list, Heroes at Home which provides military families with inspiration and encouragement. “Always practical, Ellie helps those serving their country stretch a dollar, keep in touch over long distances, prepare for separations, and so much more”.
  • B&B for Vets Program: More than 400 Bed and Breakfasts participated in the 4th annual US B&B for Veterans Program where inns open their doors, offering a free stay across the country. Kristine and her husband participated in this program for the first time and are going to discuss their getaway at the Inn at Playa Del Rey. We’ll also discuss other Veteran Day discounts and programs across the US.
  • Locals Giving Back to Marines: We’d like to highlight one program which helps out Camp Pendleton families throughout the year. They’re getting ready to handout over 1000 turkeys to families for Thanksgiving. Learn more about San Clemente Military Outreach Program.

Yes, you read that correctly! We’re moving to Wednesdays. We are so excited for our next show, please tune in for:

  • Author Mollie Gross, Confessions of a Military Wife and military wife humorist.
  • Military One Click’s founder Jennifer Pilcher, where the site connects you with the latest news, job opportunities, deals, and countless other valuable resources.
  • Married to the Army, Oprah’s new reality show about Army Wives and dishing it on Oprah’s Favorite Things 2012 which is kicking off the show.

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