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Semper Feisty Recap: Patrick O’Donnell, Military By Owner & Boots to Suits


Did You Miss the Last Show?

We had a fantastic interview on our “Man-Show”. We kicked it off with Patrick O’Donnell and discussed how he was embedded in several conflicts. We discussed his book We Were One written about his time in Fallujah with 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines and also talked about hot button topics like women in combat and the change in fitness requirements in females in the Marine Corps.

How do you listen to podcasts? Our friend Cameron from Military Town Adviser texted me to let all of you know she’s been listening to our radio show podcast on her commute to work. She wanted to pass along some advice about setting a timer to remind her to download the  latest episode. Do you listen to podcasts on your commute?

  • Patrick O’Donnell: author of eight critically acclaimed books that recount the epic stories of America’s wars and a combat historian with a dozen documentaries on WWII and modern warfare. Some of his books include Dog Company, the Boys of Pointe du Hoc and We Were One, Shoulder to Shoulder with the Marines Who Took Fallujah (3/1), but specifically written about 1st Platoon.
  • Dave Gran from Military by Owner which provides advertising support to military families trying to sell or rent their homes. The Military By Owner website has become the market leader in the military real estate niche generating over 53 million page views during 2010.
  • Drew Peneton, and his organization Boots to Suits, which connects veterans to career opportunities. They are dedicated to connecting experienced US military veterans to professional job opportunities through comprehensive employment training, business engagement and policymaker education. All services are provided at no cost to the veteran.

 Wednesday’s Show: December 5, 2012

This week, we’re focusing on the holidays and what we can do as military families to find joy and happiness this season. Joining Semper Feisty radio this week is:

  • Kathie Hightower, co-author of 1001 Things to Love About Military Life, which accounts people’s memories, duty stations, ceremonies and history, and events which make up today’s military community. “Full of heartwarming vignettes and laugh-out-loud lists, this inspirational look at military life is perfect for any military-vested reader”.
  • Steve Bell, founder of Military Disney Tips, who grew up visiting Disney World as a child and worked there for several years as well. He then joined the Air Force and recently retired after 31 years, with several duty stations allowing him more opportunities to visit the park. His site’s goal is to offer advice in the military community to plan, save money on and enjoy the Disney vacation fully.
  • Sandy Fowler, founder of Heart Filled Holidays, by having special celebrations filled with meaning and fun to leave you with wonderful memories which your family will cherish. She also helps people find techniques to weed out stress and create more joy in life.

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  1. It was so easy to listen to the radio show on my smartphone. I clicked on the radio show and it played it through my Bluetooth in my car while I was running errands. It was like I was listening to satellite radio but of course for free. I’m going to set a calendar reminder on my phone to remind me to catch it live when the timing works out.


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