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Semper Feisty Recap: Military Town Advisor, PCS Tips, Olympic Gold Medal Stolen


Semper Feisty RadioDid you miss us this week?  We were at the Marine West Expo and were not available for a show… however check out some of our latest episodes!  Many listen to us as a podcast while driving or going to the gym… or you can listen online at work or at home!

Military Town Advisor, PCS Tips, Olympic Gold Medal Stolen

Cameron from Military Town Advisor joins us to discuss her website. She is a Navy military spouse and is the founder of this PCS resource, where military families write reviews about neighborhoods and schools surrounding US military bases. We’ll find out how she got started and what tips she can offer you!

Jackie and I will are dishing some of our favorite PCS tips and stories to prepare you for your upcoming military move.

Tristan Gale Geiser joins us to discuss how her Olympic Gold Medal was stolen from her home that she shared with her active duty Marine and roommates. Hear her story and how her gold medal was recovered.

Together We Served & Macho Spouse

Mike Christy joins us from Together We Served, a website dedicated to preserving military memories and allowing a military member to describe in detail what they did in the service, honors and achievements awarded, and reconnect with fellow veterans. TWS launched in 2003 and is now has a dedicated website for each service: Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard. They want to enable each servicemember to document and keep those memories alive for others “in their own words”. This site is a great way to offer a legacy for family members and offers unparalleled historical value.

Macho Spouse was started by Chris Pape to support other male military spouses. Yes, it’s to help guys find resources and brotherhood together while their spouses are serving. While this site is tailored for men, there are plenty of resources for women out there too. Chris can identify with all the other spouses married to our military and shares common challenges: finding work, changing jobs and more. Chris is a talented video producer, so you will discover a lot of great videos on his site.

PTSD: How Troops and Families are Dealing.

We’re going to discuss the very real problem of PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder.

Segment One: D. Nicole Johnson Starr, a PTSD expert and founder/Executive Director of“The PTSD Retreat” which holds retreats and seminars, finding counselors, coaching with EFT and more. The PTSD Retreat does not charge any veterans or their family members for their services.

Segment Two: We’re talking with veterans who started the organization California Veterans Medicine. This is a cooperative made up of disabled veterans whose main focus is to provide cannibus for medical purposes to disabled veterans at no cost.

They operate in an atmosphere that ensures the security of the crop and safeguards against diversion for non-medical purposes under proposition 215, whose “methods of operation and business form fall under the guidelines of the California State Attorney General.”

Joining us are SSgt Nick Lerma, a Marine who has deployed to Desert Storm, Somalia, and Iraq. Joining Nick is retired SSgt Jason Inman, Army special forces, also a member of the non-profit organization.

Segment Three: We are talking with blogger, Annie Mously (her pen name) whose husband is a Marine with PTSD. Her blog is Our Before & After. “She refers to a resource in the show, it’s Hearts of Valor.**


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