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Semper Feisty Recap: Military Life in General, Military Disney Tips, Sandy from Heart Filled Holidays


Did You Miss the Last Show?

We had a great introduction into our holiday season. Jackie and I talked kids and military job fairs, and 1001 Things to Love About Military Life.

  • Steve Bell, founder of Military Disney Tips, who grew up visiting Disney World as a child and worked there for several years as well. He then joined the Air Force and recently retired after 31 years, with several duty stations allowing him more opportunities to visit the park. His site’s goal is to offer advice in the military community to plan, save money on and enjoy the Disney vacation fully.
  • Sandy Fowler, founder of Heart Filled Holidays, by having special celebrations filled with meaning and fun to leave you with wonderful memories which your family will cherish. She also helps people find techniques to weed out stress and create more joy in life.

New Video: 12 Gifts of Marriage the Armed Forces Gave to Me

I see 65 of you listened to an accidental recording of our holiday video on our blogtalkradio site. I forgot to set it to private, so you all got a sneak peak into our new video, . Ha Ha.  Have you or your friends received one of the ’12 Gifts of Marriage the Armed Forces Gives’? Join in with Semper Feisty Radio and USMC Life to celebrate the holidays and military friendships with a video to find humor with some of our common lifestyle challenges.

Wednesday’s Show: December 12, 2012

This week, we’re focusing on the holidays and what we can do as military families to find joy and happiness this season. We’re really excited to be dishing the latest episodes of Married to the Army.

  • Stephanie Drachkovitch, executive producer of Oprah Network’s Married to the Army: Alaska joins us for a pre-recorded session where we dish the show and the road she’s traveled in order to get the Pentagon to sign off on the show.
  • Beki Varicak, author of The Journey of a Tots for Tots Toy! will be joining us to talk about her book and how her daughter illustrated the book.
  • Tips and Tricks for traveling with kids this holiday season.

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