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Semper Feisty Recap: Military and Marijuana Laws, American Hero Books, Sexting



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Semper Feisty RadioWe talked about some controversial things in this show, but they are still very much a part of the military lifestyle.

SEGMENT ONE: It’s 2013 and many states are passing marijuana laws that civilians and federal employees (military members) are asking about. In California, there’s medical marijuana, but in Colorado and Washington, it’s legal to buy, consume, and have marijuana on your person. Learn about how pot affects civilians working as federal contractors, spouses and dependents are affected living or working on base, and more.

SEGMENT TWO: Alia Reese, Marine wife and author of American Hero Books joins us to discuss her fantastic picture books, where she’s taken the concept of using pictures of her Marine to connect with her kids. She also has military coins for older kids. Get 20% off with coupon code USMC Life. These are fantastic gifts and are made by utilizing spouse or veteran owned businesses.

SEGMENT THREE: Sexting. Have you tried it? Do you think you might want to? Have you mailed risque photos to your military member? Jackie and I dish this subject and how we’ve kept our marriages fresh through deployments and more. *update* In the show, I said that Marines can’t open their letters in boot camp, that is incorrect. They can’t open their packages. Sorry for the confusion.

Next Week’s Show:

We’re going to be talking about the very real problem of PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. Is this something that you are facing in your life? Are you a Marine or married to a service member? Contact us before Wednesday if you’d like to participate in our show and send us a message on our “contact” page.

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