Home News Self-proclaimed Marine “POG” goes to banned TikTok to rant about COVID-19

Self-proclaimed Marine “POG” goes to banned TikTok to rant about COVID-19


You know what topic everyone wants to discuss and is in no way tired of hearing about? Masks.

A US Marine took to the CCP-affiliate app Tik-Tok while in uniform, complaining about people who don’t want to wear face coverings.

Timmy Byrnes, an Aviation Supply Specialist with Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 12, complained that people who don’t want to wear the mask due to discomfort as “beta bi*ches.”

Previously stationed in Japan, Byrnes implied that his home country is shut down because people refuse to wear cloth over their faces.

“I’ve been overseas for two and a half years,” he said. “Japan, not anywhere f***ing dangerous, I’m a POG. I finally get back to America just in time for it to shut down!”

The Marine then stated that because the USMC makes him wear a neck gaiter and an M50 gas mask in the line of duty, that everyone else should simply fall in and wear the masks until told not to do so.

It is unknown if the Marine’s chain of command has seen his video, or if the Marine has been briefed on the security risks of using the Tik-Tok app and/or making controversial public statements in uniform.

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