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Selective re-enlistment bonuses end next month for Marines


The USMC’s Selective Reenlistment Bonus program is facing an early termination next month, upping the pressure for many who may reenlist under certain circumstances.

Despite the fiscal year cutoff date of September 30 this year, the bonus program is being prematurely cut off, with no explanation as to why- at least from first glance of the Corps-wide message.

Further digging in the July-released MARADMIN 354/16 said the program would end when the Corps met boat space requirements.

When details of the Congressionally-approved spending bill was released in May, money was allocated to increase the number of active-duty Marines by 3,000 personnel. With most of that increase coming from an additional 2,000 recruits in July, the demands have pretty much been met at this point.

According to the Marine Corps Times, other areas where bonuses have been addressed include cyber warfare, an area where the Marines have traditionally fallen behind.

“Just say for the sake of discussion that somebody was involved in cyber-type activities,” Neller said in February. “It’s very difficult for us to compete with the civilian side on some of those. We’re always looking at what our retention is and what MOSs we have a hard time retaining. Those are the ones that generally are probably going to get the bonus.”

Upon termination of the program, Marines with an “end of current” contract date before September 30th will no longer be eligible for a re-enlistment bonus.

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