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Saying Goodbye: Gearing Up for PCS Season


When I think about PCSing, that 90’s song Graduation by Vitamin C comes to mind. You know the one – As we go on, we remember, all the times we, had together… If you have been in the military world for a while you learn to get used to moving. You learn that the good friend you made will end up on the other side of the world and as soon as you really get to know a place it’s time to leave. You also know or will learn the the Corps is small and you just might see each other again. If not face to face, there are so many ways to interact online. Instagram, Facebook, Skype, even Twitter will allow you to connect. I have moved 7 times in my life (new city or state or country) and honestly am one of those people that enjoy it. The best part is I can remain in contact with all of my friends no matter how many miles separate us!

Here are my tips to surviving the PCS without tears!

  1. Look ahead and think positive – Get online and look at the new duty station. Check out the area and look at housing. Look for places of interest and see what local attractions the place has. Get on Facebook and join spouse groups of the area you are going. The spouses can give you advice on places to live or avoid and you might even make a friend this way. Look on meetups.com and see if there are any groups that meet your interest and check out the MCCS websites for job info too!
  2. Complete your bucket list – Do all the things you love to do one last time and take plenty of pictures. For those overseas, you might not go to that side of the world again. So take a picture, buy something local, and record some videos. Don’t pcs thinking – I wish I would have done this one more time. Do it and have your proof to later reflect on. I always take videos of our home before TMO comes so I can see all the places I have lived. I also scrapbook online, since I can never manage to finish the paper ones!
  3. Find peace with the move – I begin with the end in mind. When we PCSed to Okinawa. I knew that I was on a ticking clock. Whenever you PCS, know that in 2 or three years you will find a new home. So enjoy the time you have there. Look for the positives instead of things you don’t like. When I found out we were moving to the east coast I wasn’t exactly happy. I really wanted to go to the west coast. It took looking online and talking to some people to get my attitude back up. Once I had peace about the move I wasn’t upset about dealing with movers or getting appointments and a ton of paperwork done. I felt good. A chapter was closing in my life and a new one was beginning.
  4. Be fearless. You are a strong military spouse. This is just another part of the military life. You will make new friends, your furniture will not arrive in the condition they took it in, and you will make a new home for your family! Take on every challenge as a new adventure. Who doesn’t love a crazy PCS story?



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