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Russia makes threat to Norway after it requests more US Marines

A Norwegian Coastal Ranger Commando (KJK) conducts a shooting drill during Exercise Platinum Ren at Fort Trondennes, Harstad, Norway, May 9, 2018. The exercise is a theater security cooperation training evolution with U.S. Marines of 1st Reconnaissance Battalion and KJKs held to sustain mission essential tasks in a harsh operating environment and strengthen coalition partnerships. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Miguel A. Rosales)

Russia has issued a dire warning in response to Norway’s decision to invite more US Marines to train in the frigid country.

The Russian Embassy took to Facebook on Thursday, warning that “Such acts are contrary to the Norwegian decision of 1949 to ‘not open bases for foreign forces in Norwegian territory as long as Norway is not attacked or threatened with attacks.’”

The Russians went on to claim that such moves make Norway, less predictable and could lead to an arms race, potentially unraveling the current peace in northern Europe.

“We view it as unfriendly and it will not remain without consequences,” the embassy added.

Hundreds more US Marines are expected to train in Norway, where the Corps currently keeps a small expeditionary force’s worth of equipment, stowed away in a secret cave complex.

Earlier this week, the USMC was invited to send up to 700 Marines for rotational training in the chilly nation. According to the USMC Times, they will keep this offer open for a period of five years, more than twice the length of the current rotation.

Marines have been rather welcome to many in Norway following years of Russian aggression, particularly in places such as Crimea and Ukraine.

2018 has been a historical year for the USMC-Scandinavian relationship: in late May, the USMC sent M1 Abrams tank crews to a Finnish armor exercise for the first time.

At the current time, around 330 Marines from the 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment are conducting training in Norway, with an additional 300 Marines currently in Romania scheduled to join them.

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