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Ronda Rousey says yes to date at Marine Corps Ball, but there’s a catch

Rhonda Rousey AP
Ronda Rousey, MMA fighter. AP Photo

Marine Jarrod Hash asked Ronda Rousey to attend the Marine Corps Ball with him in a viral video.

Ronda was stopped outside a Whole Foods Market by a TMZ reporter and asked if she’d seen the request to attend the Ball. She replied that she saw the screenshot the other day, but she couldn’t go because she was scheduled in camp.

She quickly followed up and said the camp has been moved and now she’s available. “I would go for sure!” Rousey announced, but she doesn’t know how to get a hold of the Marine.

The reporter asked if he was her type, “He’s cute. He’s gotta be a gentleman, I’m not a first date kind of girl” she quickly replied.

The reporter discussed dates and a location and said he would tell the Marine on her behalf.

Rousey suggested that “he needs to find three dates for my girls, and then we’ll go.”

Check out the Marine’s video to Rousey and other celebrity invites here.


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  1. That’d great that she’s going, he is so cute and when I first saw the video I reposted it and asked all my friends to do the same

  2. Mad dog , These God Dam, 21 st Century “Boots” these days.. Our Birth day is 10 “NOVEMBER”!!! , NOT ! December !!,,, Stupid Boot don”t even know when our birthday is !!!???? WTF ???

    • Balls take place over the course of several months, especially when there are few facilities near a base with a large population. Some balls start in October and go through December. We’ve even had one in January because of a late deployment return.


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