Home News Retired Marine Colonel says “Corps is too strained to meet operation requirements”

Retired Marine Colonel says “Corps is too strained to meet operation requirements”

Retired Marine Colonel Adolf Peter Sgambelluri
Retired Marine Colonel Adolf Peter Sgambelluri

Retired Marine and former TSA director, Adolf Sgambelluri is not mincing any words when it comes to the current situation in Syria and our commander-in-chief.

“World War III is shaping up in Syria right now, thanks to Barack Obama. Obama has left this vacuum wide open, which invited two powerful, nuclear nations to bring the U.S. down: China and Russia.”

In an article written for the Pacific Daily News, Sgambelluri says, the U.S. is on a “collision course” with Russia and China in the Middle East.

He says, the two countries have “swooped in” to defend Syria — which is now equipped with sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons that make our aircrafts’ flights into the area vulnerable.

Because the President has not taken on ISIS in any “meaningful way” in Syria, Russia has been building up its forces there. It is certain, Sgambelluri says, that Russian military presence in Syria and Iraq has been rapidly increasing since 2012.

The Corps’ current war fighting capability falls short, with only 23 infantry battalions of 36 advocated for in The Heritage Foundation’s 2016 index of U.S. Military Strength. The retired Colonel blames this on national security spending being held down because of sequestration and “high operational tempos” in recent years.  The automatic budget cuts have put a strain on the Marine Corps and has impacted our military readiness, he added.

“Our Marine Corps has suffered to remain steady for any contingency,” he says.

Top military leaders echo his concerns saying that under current conditions, the U.S. military cannot handle two major conflicts in different parts of the world.

Sgambelluri also writes in the Daily News article: “In order to allow the Marine Corps to execute the assigned mission, President Obama should support efforts to improve its capabilities and readiness so that our Marines can continue to be the “First to Fight.”

According to his LinkedIn profile, Sgambelluri completed numerous levels of law enforcement and military training, including with the FBI National Academy in Quantico and the National Intelligence Academy for Law Enforcement.

As “top cop,” Sgambelluri had administrative control of the entire Law Enforcement and Corrections Program, U.S. Marine Corps, worldwide. From 2001-20015 he also served as federal security director with TSA.

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