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Protecting Your Security and Saving You Money: Troop ID


You’ve earned your service. You’ve sacrificed holidays and weekends. You’ve left your family behind more times that you can count. You deserve to get noticed… and now Troop ID is going to help. The founders of Troop Swap, who brought enormous savings by way of daily deal discounts, have come up with an ingenious way of making sure veteran posers can’t claim veteran perks.

Yeah, you know the ones you see at Stolen Valor/ Guardian of Valor Hall of Shame website. They talk a good game of honor, valor and service, but TroopID is making sure that those who have truly sacrificed get the discounts in the process… and let me tell you, Troop ID and Troop Swap know all about Veteran’s issues. Two former Army Rangers founded the companies.

Troop ID’s mission is to reward a life of service.

Troop ID has teamed up with Under Armour and other great nationally recognized brands to pass savings onto you. These companies find great comfort in knowing they can pass a much deserved discount onto you, since they know you’re a bona fide veteran or military spouse.

Troop ID discovered many companies struggled with providing discounts for fear of abuse and fraud. Now they can give back knowing that you’ve earned these benefits.

We’ve also experienced much of the same problem. We’re hesitant to slide our card over for a photocopy or enter our information online because the personal risk of loss of social security number and date of birth information is too high.

Here’s where Troop ID comes in. They’re utilizing one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking technology to verify you’re service which helps bridge the military/civilian divide.

How do you know if you’re eligible to participate in Troop Swap or Troop ID?

Any of the following are eligible to apply: Service Members, Veterans, and their Spouses and Dependents are eligible for membership on TroopSwap and TroopID. Please note that membership does not guarantee that you are eligible for all of the offers on Troop Swap or Troop ID. For example, a merchant partner may choose to extend a discount only to Active Duty members and to Retirees. Any relevant restrictions will be clearly communicated.

Visit and apply online today.  You’ll receive a Troop ID member number and voila, commence online shopping and discounts. It’s that easy! Not only are you able to save money, but Troop ID helps you even more by “accessing employment and educational opportunities just for veterans and servicemembers, tap into VA benefits, and get assistance with financial resources.”

*Here’s Your Chance to Win Some Free Bucks*

Visit USMC Life’s Facebook Page and leave a comment under our Troop ID post and tag at least five of your friends. Troop Swap is giving you some cold hard cash to spend online by randomly picking winners – if you win, you help your friends win!

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