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Proposed Tricare fee hike will cost retirees thousands more each year


Navy doctor's service honors fallen son Tricare

Under a new proposal, the three main Tricare options — Tricare Prime, Tricare Standard and the services used by retirees–would be combined into two basic plans. The proposed changes in the Pentagon’s fiscal 2017 budget are confusing for military family advocates — because they focus almost completely on “fee increases without detailing care reforms,” according to Military.com

In other words, there’s an increase in fees with no clear understanding of what the increase in value will be. Jeremy Hilton – who  lobbies for military family benefit safety – said: “… if it’s simply increasing fees for fees’ sake then that’s just going back to balancing the budget on the back of our retirees — and that doesn’t make any sense.”

Dana Atkins, a retired Air Force lieutenant general said: “We were hoping to see some specific proposals to address well-documented problems with access, continuity of care, referrals, National Guard and Reserve programs and other documented health care issues, but so far, we’re left asking, ‘Where’s the substance?”

Retiree families who currently use Tricare Prime pay about $560 for their annual enrollment fee. Those who use the Standard plan don’t have to pay a fee. However under the new plan, both groups would have to pay fees of $700 or $900 for families. Retired families under 65 who use in-network providers are likely to see an increase of $500 to $600 per year under the proposal while those who use out-of-network providers will likely face an increase of over $1,000 per year–  according to the Military Officers Association of America.

Other fees that would increase for all groups include the catastrophic caps. Active-duty members’ caps would change to $1,500 while retirees would have a $4,000 cap.

A Defense Department report on the system is expected to be released in March. All of the Armed Forces committees in the House and Senate will examine the proposal before legislation is drafted.

Current congressional hearings are examining whether or not the military treatment facilities are “meeting their primary role of promoting military readiness — and how that readiness should be defined.”

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  1. Yet another promise disregarded & backs turned on those who served. But hey, then we can give all the refugees, illegals & those who think they’re owed a living & none of who have paid a dime in taxes, free medical, education and housing, while we get billed and taxed to death for it

  2. This not what my husband was promised when he was drafted, nor is it what he was promised after spending 21 years in the active Army. With not extra income for him, this is insulting.

  3. My understanding when I first read this was that Tricare was going to charge higher fees for cost of living increases, but I do believe our retirees did not get a cost of living increase in their pay. I could be totally wrong, but I do not believe I saw no increase in the retiree pay.

    • Correct Linda, we did not receive a COLA raise this year, but what worse is being promised all these benefits to stay twenty years, which I did!!! And now they are slowing taking the benefits away from us! Its not right and we retirees need to let the Government know enough is enough!! Our elected representatives need to start giving up some of their benefits and see how it feels!!!

    • There was no cost of living this year, I think it will get defeated but some Senators with special interest may vote for it. I.e. shelby Alabama, sessions, Alabama jackasses

  4. They need more money to take care of the illegal aliens and the terrorist “refugees” AKA Democratic voters. What better way to get the money than from the ones that have fought for America freedoms? They are also cutting Social Security benefits so they are doing three things (1) slapping the military in the face AGAIN, (2) taking from the Seniors what they have paid into all their working life, and (3) buying more Democratic votes.

  5. As a dedicated Republican, I am really disappointed in the Republican Party. Really? You want to be this big of assholes that you have to mess with the people who gave you the chance to be what you are today? This is not what is Republicans stand for! You’re acting like a democrat! If you do this kind of thing, I will personally make it my mission to make sure neither of you ever serve in office again. I will start such a huge veteran outrage at the republican establishment, you’ll never even see a political position again and won’t stop until it succeeds. Not a threat, a PROMISE!!!!

  6. When it comes to our military retirement benefits, it pays to keep a good supply of KY jelly on hand it helps with the never ending erosion of our “earned benefits”. And then fat lady sings on!


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