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Police believe man who robbed 30 Target stores is a Marine veteran


Police in California are looking for a thief who has targeted more than thirty stores across the southern portion of the state.

According to investigators he always targets the same type of high-end items, such as Dyson or IRobot vaccums and Nest products.

“Walking through the store, you’d have no idea he’s about to steal anything. It just looks like a normal customer putting items in his cart. It’s not until he gets to the rear door and he’s out of the store within seconds,” LAPD Detective Joseph Hampton said to ABC7.

Detectives think he is a former Marine because he has been seeing wearing a Marine sweatshirt during many of the crimes.

“In one of the incidents, one of the Target loss prevention overheard him talking about how he was recently discharged from the Marine Corps, so he may have just recently left the military,” Hampton said.

He is believed to have an accomplice who uses a plateless black Cadillac SRX as the getaway car.

Anyone with more information is urged to call the LAPD or Crime Stoppers.

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