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Palin speaks out on “Teen Mom OG,” divorce allegedly caused by Meyer’s PTSD

Dakota Meyer with his wife, Bristol Palin, and family at a Blue Angels air show. (Twitter)

Medal of Honor recipient and Marine veteran Dakota Meyer is locked in a bruta struggle with the mother of his daughters- and much of the “dirty laundry” is being aired into televisions and phone screens around the world.

Meyer’s ex-wife, Bristol Pailin (a TV personality who is the daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Pailin), has recently featured on MTV’s Teen Mom OG, a spinoff of the original reality series, Teen Mom.

Reviewing the series, Fatherly -an online publication dedicated to parenting-related content- claimed the large bulk of struggles in the family stem from Meyer’s combat experience and subsequent Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“The conflict in the Palin-Meyer house seems to be largely a product of Meyer’s mental health struggles,” Fatherly writer Patrick Coleman wrote. “Meyer, who lost five friends and squadmates during the Battle of Ganjgal while personally rescuing 12 soldiers and providing cover for 24 Marines, suffers from PTSD. With trauma comes the anxiety and depression. This has affected both him and his wife, with whom he has two children.”

However, the animosity between Meyer and Palin seems to go a lot deeper- often related to Palin’s abrasive behavior, which sometimes goes so far as to discredit Meyer’s contributions to raising their two children.

On Instagram, Meyer denied accusations that he was an absentee parent, a claim Palin made on Teen Mom OG.

“Yes, we got pregnant right after our engagement. We planned a wedding with our families and friends and Bristol decided to leave me a week prior,” Meyer wrote. “I spoke with her family every month and made it clear I would be the father of my child. I reached out to her before Sailor was born and asked what the plan was to co parent. She told me to go through the courts to establish paternity. I wasn’t invited to the birth and found out my child was born on Twitter–can you imagine being a dad and not being allowed to be at your child’s birth? She denied my paternity until it could be proven, at which point Sailor was born. For Bristol to state that Sailor didn’t have a dad is laughable- what really happened is Bristol kept our daughter from having a father present at birth and until the courts ruled that I was her father.”

In closing, Meyer gave the public his word that he would remain steadfast in his fatherly duties.

“I can promise you this, Sailor and Atlee always had a dad, and always will have a dad.”

Out of Palin’s three children, Meyer is the father of two of them- Sailor Grace Palin and Atlee Bay Palin. The couple were married just over two years.

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