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PA man facing charges after lying to judge about serving in Marine Corps

Shane Sperow
Shane Sperow

A man brought into a Pennsylvania court on theft charges is now accused of stolen valor. The 46-year-old claimed to be a retired, decorated member of the US Marine Corps. The Berks County D.A. says  Shane Sperow gave the court a written statement that he was a recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Prosecutors also found various Marine Corps items inside his home.

However when the adult probation office checked on Sperow’s claims, it found there was no evidence he ever served in the military.

District Attorney John Adams said, “When someone lies to the court that needs to be taken seriously.”

WGAL reports that Sperow was originally charged with defrauding a scrap metal dealer. No word yet what his punishment will be for making the false statements.

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  1. With all the toxic water claims and shredding records by the government I wander how they found out he didn’t serve. Maybe record of his service got shredded?


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