Home News Outrage follows after citizen posts signs saying MOH recipient not a hero

Outrage follows after citizen posts signs saying MOH recipient not a hero


A New York resident has ignited controversy after placing signs that state Medal of Honor recipient Marine Lance Corporal Jason Dunham “was not a hero – he did not save … comrads.”

A memorial placard honoring Corporal Dunham was placed across the street from the New York Scio resident Sonya Cady’s home. This inspired Cady to write the signs to remind others that the Iraq War was inspired by the devil, according to reports WKBW.

“People are getting upset with me because they have been brainwashed that Jason Dunham did something he didn’t,” says Cady, explaining that the holy spirit told her that he didn’t do this.

Cady’s neighbor, Pamala Palmer is upset with the signs that Cady has placed, saying, “He is our hero.  He’s also everyone’s hero but there is something special about him in our town.”

Corporal Dunham jumped on top of a grenade in Iraq to save the lives of those around him. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions by President Bush and the USS Jason Dunham now sails service members around the world.

Cady’s signs were torn town overnight and another warning sign was erected by Cady, stating, “I could shoot you if I’d come out last night. Lucky for you I don’t like guns.”

The town has no jurisdiction to remove the signs because they were placed on private property, explaining that Cady is not breaking any laws.

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  1. I’m sure a lot of Cpl. Dunham’s Marines would agree that they saw the devil in Iraq, but I see him in Ms. Cady’s words. There is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

  2. WHEN Ms Cady is dead and gone L/CPL Dunham will live on in the hearts , minds and history of the Marine Corps . SEMPER FI

  3. It’s not up to some civilian fuck to decide whether one our people deserves the MOH. If our Corps say’s he does, then he does.

  4. I think that Jason would be the first to say that Ms. Cady has every right to express her views. Isn’t that what we Marines fight for. No matter that it’s “hurtful”
    Now I dont agree one bit with her but if it’s legal to burn our flag this person gets to spew her bile.
    Semper Fi Jason


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